WOMERSLEY Blackberry Vinegar
Womersley Blackberry Vinegar - (100ml/250ml)

This seasonal fruit vinegar gives a bramble aroma to roasted meats and warm hearty stews. With a dark, rich flavour, Blackberry is the perfect ingredient to tenderise meat and reduce sauce. Add a generous drizzle to cheesecake or chocolate pudding for a dessert with more bite. Mix into cocktails or sparkling water with mint leaves.

These fruit vinegars have a significantly stronger fruit flavour, a more noticeable vinegar acidity and less of the cordial feel.

Prepared using 33g sugar and infused using 33g blackberry per 100g.

INGREDIENTS: Spirit vinegar, Sugar, Blackberries (33%). Infused using 33g blackberries per 100g. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

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WOMERSLEY Blackberry Vinegar

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