Fragrancing the home can be quite a difficult skill to master.

All the wonderful things about home life – the kids, the pets, the cooking – do come with their own distinct aromas, some of which can be pretty undesirable if you don’t keep them in check.

And above all, the last thing anybody wants is to become ‘nose-blind’ to aromas that hit every guest to enter your home.

But, despite whether or not you have the ability to sniff out these smells, you should really accept that your home will have an odour, and that you have to take ownership of it!

The only true way to ensure your home is smelling great, no matter what, is to fragrance it with smells that you love.

An inviting smell…

We all know there are legions of candles, diffusers and little things that go into your plug sockets, all of which are said to de-odorise your home in a swift fashion.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly like the sound of a de-odorised home.

Surely, nobody wants to come home to a fresh burst of neutrality (with hints of Dettol). That is about as inviting as a dentists waiting room.

Scents for your home should be inviting.

Now, I know this sounds like some nice word which all fragrance makers use, but when we’re talking about fragrancing your home, every scent should be ‘inviting’.

That being said, a home scent can be ‘inviting’ you into many things.

If the weather is cold outside, a warm scent, which is say lightly spiced with a nostalgia inducing Christmassy cinnamon, would ‘invite’ you into its warmth. Subconsciously, you would associate the warmth of cinnamon, and therefore you would want to get in from the cold.

The same rule applies when in the middle of summer, fresh aqua scents ‘invite’ you in to the home and out of the sizzling heat.

For example, the Fairy Ball from Ashleigh & Burwood combines aloe and frangipani with lavender and citrus – these are all very aromatic plants which transfer the idea of freshness through creating what is a scent similar to fresh linen.

Therefore, this light, fresh aroma makes your home feel light and fresh.  It’s quite simple really, but that does only cover seasonal changes in home fragrancing.

After, all, the fragrance of a home is as personal to you as the home itself.

Indeed, fragrance is a delightful expression of your own self.

So if you want your home to exude a ‘luxurious’ fragrance, you would utilise ‘luxurious’ ingredients.

For instance, Moroccan Spice, which is present in a few of A&B products, aims to fragrantly depict aromas of a hot Moroccan souk. A souk is the kind of bustling marketplaces which people often associate with places like Marrakech, and speaking as someone who has ventured to many an Arabian souk in my time, I can say that these places have an incredible aroma of the finest spices available in the world today. Coriander, cinnamon, cumin, rosemary – and all these wonderfully inviting fragrances dance around in the atmosphere.

When the fragrance experts at Ashleigh & Burwood combine these elements into one scent, they seek to depict the spice capital of the world, and all its sensual richness.

Such detail and depth to the creation of an Ashleigh & Burwood home scent really is a considered process and one which should be championed.

Outer beauty

It further suits their desire to improve the home that each of these burners is crafted into individual orbs, in which coloured glass mosaics are created to visually colourise the scent within.

Here is a video of how to best use your burner.

It all makes for very stylish appearance, which is in keeping with the meticulous layers of the fragrances.