At Foxley, we have the privilege of working with both well-established British brands and those fledging brands of the future.


Be it artisans of huge historical importance, or those who will undoubtedly shape our futures, we celebrate British ingenuity and skill, no matter what the size or scope of the creator.


Through exploring the stories of artisans with bold British legacies, we have reported on some of the most intricate and skillful displays of master craftsmanship the world has ever seen.


In due course, when spreading our own message throughout the world, we have been involved in reporting on overseas artisans who deserve their own praise.


From those who have been involved with us in the past, here is what a few had to say…



Rolls Royce Logo

Brand: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Website: https://www.rolls-roycemotorcars.com/en-GB/home.html

Name: Kevin Simpson

Position: Brand Ambassador

Company: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars


What did you want to achieve by working with The Foxley Media Group?

We are constantly looking for like-minded brands to work with. We feel that the readers of The Foxley Docket are people that demand the highest quality, the best products and a luxury feeling to all that they experience, just like our customers.


What results did you get from the collaboration?

We are pleased to be present in such a publication, brand positioning is something we feel very strongly about and the results will speak for themselves.


What specific feature did you like most about our services?

The friendly, approachable nature of all that work at The Foxley Media Group. It’s a very nice and easy collaboration. I also enjoy receiving my copy so I can see what other luxury content accompanies us with each issue.


Would you recommend us?

Yes of course, there is a bright future for The Foxley Media Group especially as the company service offers grow.



Brand: TAG Heuer (LVMH Group)
Tag Heuer Logo

Website: www.tagheuer.co.uk

Name: Marine Lemonnier Brennan

Position: International PR Director

Company: TAG Heuer (LVMH Group)


What specific feature did you like most about our services?

The Foxley Docket is quite unique in combining the informative with the interesting. It more than captures the facets of our raison d’être.



Brand: Dubois Yachts

Dubois Logo

Website: www.duboisyachts.com

Name: Roxanne Hughes

Position: Brand Manager

Company: Dubois Naval Architects

Why did you come to The Foxley Media Group?

The Foxley Media Group offer great opportunities for reaching UK-based HNWI.


Would you recommend us?

We would happily recommend The Foxley Media Group – they are adaptive to individual company needs and innovative in their approach.



Brand: Touched Interiors

Touched Interiors Logo

Website: www.touchedinteriors.co.uk

Name: Kunal Trehan

Position: Managing Director

Company: Touched Interiors


What did you want to achieve by working with The Foxley Media Group?

Brand awareness and increase in sales

What specific feature did you like most about our services?

The expert design of my advertisements.

Would you recommend us?

Yes, a great team to work with and expected results achieved.



Brand: Private Fly

privatefly Logo

Website: www.privatefly.com

Name: Adam Twidell

Position: CEO

Company: PrivateFly.com


What first made you want to work with The Foxley Media Group?

The Foxley Docket looks great and always includes excellent, highly readable content.

What do you think of the way The Foxley Media Group works with your brand?

We have been on board as a content partner since launch and the team are always a pleasure to work with.