Famous People

There have been many famous people of British origin to have emerged over the centuries, and here at Foxley we celebrate each and every one of them. The United Kingdom loves it’s famous people, many of whom have had a huge impact on society, culture and the way the country works and runs. Britain has a wealth of producing characters that go on to have an impact on our daily lives, invent machines or products that literally change the world to entertainers that brought joy and laughter to millions.

British history is littered with many larger than life examples of famous peoples with musicians like The Beatles, hugely popular film stars like Sir Roger Moore, novelists like Mary Shelley to inventors like Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. The British Isles has not even stopped there, with more examples across the full spectrum of life with military leaders like Admiral Horatio Nelson, or social media star Zoella.

Over the course of our editorials, Foxley reports on famous people and events that affect them including their latest developments, business launches and more. We’ve also put together biographies and reports of these famous people, showing their influence, lives and events and what led them to become famous or invent a particular product.

We also cover those that we have lost, and celebrate the lives of the famous people who had a profound impact on these islands from hundreds of years ago.

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