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Join Foxley as we cover the latest Business news from around the UK affecting the luxury market, including personal finance news and company announcements along with financial and economic news. We cover anything relating to the luxury market and businesses trading luxury goods plus insight and analysis into the UK luxury markets.

For Sale: Jimmy Choo

On the 24th April 2017, it was reported that luxury footwear brand Jimmy Choo has put itself up for sale, […]

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Perfume scent from Heaven

We had the opportunity to discuss Roja Dove's globally recognised perfume range, how he perfected his craft, and his ongoing search for the perfect scent.

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A Jack of all trades

Daniel Parry of The Foxley Docket meets actor turn perfumer Richard E Grant to discuss all things film and fragrance.

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Million Dollar Gold Coin

Serving UK clients from their London office since 2005, GoldCore have become one of the leading and most highly regarded gold brokers in the UK.