STORM FURNITURE Harmony Console Table
Production Material: Eco friendly wood veneer/timber.
Handmade Artisan wooden fittings. Made in Britain.
Height 900mm x Width 1100mm.
Production time: 12-14weeks.
This original design is constructed only with eco-friendly sustainable materials, this new design incorporates fine marquetry work with a choice of timbers which work in perfect harmony with each other. The top boasts an exquisite fan arrangement with earthy coloured timbers and a vibrant red giving the effect of a contemporary sun shining. Horizontal wood grain follows the curve of the legs which fall seamlessly down to the floor. The legs taper elegantly finishing at the base with a hand shaped heel. The bottom shelf has a fan arrangement as the top but using a single colour open grain to give a more subtle appearance allowing the top to take centre stage. All of this is then embellished along the edges with a special vibrant red stripe timber lifting those earthy colours. Then finished with a stunning splayed curved backbone with the same vibrant red tying the whole design together giving the construction strength and rigidity. A makers stamp is then fitted with the initials of the maker and the year of manufacture proving its authenticity. The 'Harmony' console table can be made with materials of your choice with options to create other furniture pieces to match.
SizeHeight 900mm x Width 1100mm.
MaterialProduction Material: Eco friendly wood veneer/timber

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UK Parcel force (Estimate: 12-14 weeks) :  £50

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STORM FURNITURE Harmony Console Table

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