Organic House Skincare – Relax & Sleep Gift Box


A perfect gift for yourself or someone who needs to unwind, relax and / or has trouble getting or staying sleep. Highly effective sleep aid. A sleep spray that really works.


Relax & Sleep Pillow Spray – A natural, organic sleep spray. Wake-up feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep. Beautiful, naturally relaxing, sleep inducing botanical pillow and room spray. A seductive fragrance akin to a walk through a fragrant botanical garden. A relaxing blend of flower waters and essential oils. Spray around yourself whenever you want to relax and unwind. Spray around the bed and pillows at bedtime. Special blend room and fabric spray with Lavender, and Vetivert. Can be sprayed safely around the skin and will not irritate the skin.

Can be used around children at bedtime to help them fall asleep.
Made with 100% organic flower waters and pure essential oils
Relax & Sleep Pillow/Room Spray
Relax & Sleep Body Oil