Organic House Skincare – Hot Cloth Cleanser Gift Box


A lovely gift box consisting of the Organic House Hot Cloth Cleanser with complimentary Muslin Cloth and an all purpose Rosehip Balm. This is a perfect as a bedtime cleansing routine to wake-up to healthy looking glowing skin.


Gift Box with ribbon, Clean & Calm Hot Cloth Cleanser with Lavender, Eucalyptus and Rosemary 60g, Rosehip Treatment Balm with rosehip and Pomegranate – All Skin Types Benefits

Gentle yet highly effective

Removes all make-up including water-proof makeup

Calming and soothing scent

Leaves skin deep cleansed, soft and moisturised, How To Use
Hot Cloth Cleanser This coconut oil based gentle cleanser with lavender and eucalyptus will efficiently remove all make-up including water-proof eye make-up, gently lifting dirt from the pores, leaving the skin moisturised and calm. A little goes a very long way. Using the spatula provided take a small amount of the cleanser and warm in the palms of the hand. Massage upwards and outwards in circular motion over the eyes and face using fingertips. Rinse out muslin cloth (supplied) in hot water and lay over the face for a few moments to warm the skin and open the pores, repeat then use the cloth to wipe the skin clean in gentle upwards and outward motions. Splash the face with warm water or cold water. Please note this cleanser does not contain petroleum based oils, chemicals to emulsify or beeswax and is a completely natural product.

Rosehip Treatment Balm – All Skin Types
Balm for all skin types with rosehip and pomegranate seed oil. Rich, nourishing and soothing, it is suitable for all skin types. Multipurpose, for use on face, lips, body, hands, nails and feet. This balm also can also be used a facial balm cleanser and removed with a hot flannel. Soft and silky to the touch, this balm can be used on sensitive and irritated skin. Watch it soften and plump up the lips.

How to Use
Multi functional balm that can be used on lips to nourish and protect, over dry skin patches on hands, face or body, and on dry cuticles to keep them soft. Apply on and around the lips at bedtime and in the morning to keep skin soft and smooth. Perfect for using on children as a lip balm. Please use spatula provided.

Organic House Treatment Balm can also be used a facial balm cleanser and removed with a hot flannel. Rosehip oil and pomegranate oil rich, it will cleanse, sooth, nourish and plump the skin