SEO and Digital Marketing

Flexible Digital Marketing and SEO packages tailored to suit your business needs.

Flexible Digital Marketing and SEO packages tailored to suit your business needs.


Select your own strategy and only pay for what you need with our Digital Marketing and SEO packages, designed to help your site achieve more and gain more!


  • Adwords management

Choose a budget and we will maximize your Google Ads performance. PPC is used to help your ads reach front page of Google when your site on its own cannot. Get seen by the customers you wish to be seen by, as AdWords can be targeted to selected audiences and demographics. Google’s huge database on people’s search habits and trends helps AdWords to provide a complete digital marketing package with banners, videos and text ads that appear on their own search network and AdSense networks.


  • Facebook advertising

Advertise directly to your key demographic. Facebook Advertising is a huge marketplace as more and more people get connected and use Facebook. Facebook’s unique tools and data collection allow advertisements to be served directly to people based on their likes, hobbies, profession and even spending habits. Utilise the power of Facebook to help optimise your marketing campaigns. Facebook can reach a huge potential audience, making it a preferred choice for digital marketing.


  • Editorial

Get fresh, unique content for you website/blog/social media. Need an article or blog posting writing up? Contact us and see what we can do for you, and how we can create something that will help people learn more about your business and what you offer.


  • Backlinking

Boost your natural SEO with links from external sources. Backlinks work hand in hand with SEO and help to improve your site’s rankings, authority and ratings with the major search engines. 


  • Affordability

(Get discounts by bundling services)
Entry level SEO starting from just £60/month.

Contact our marketing and sales department for further details.