If you’ve switched on the news, or even walked past a newspaper stand this weekend, you will undoubtedly have been made very aware that, yes, the long wait is over and the world is now welcoming the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

With the press ‘affectionately’ dubbing him, “Baby Sussex” until his name is revealed, this young man has already brought a wave of well wishes and the inevitable tributes from long standing, British institutions.

From commemorative cups and saucers to ‘heartfelt’ and promotion succinct tweets, British brands have, and always will, look to make the most out of a royal event.

But to be fair, who can blame them!?

The birth of a royal baby is, in essence, no different to the birth of any other baby. It is a celebration of life, and one which everyone close by absolutely relishes.

It just so happens, that with a Royal baby, the entire globe seems to be able to look in and latch on to the moment. After all, the birth of a child is such a cherished event, we all know this, so why shouldn’t the world rejoice?

Of course, there are many busy PR execs rushing to their clients with ideas of how best to jump on the trending birth. But, in many cases, a tribute is exactly that.

Yes, it may increase customer footfall for a shot period, but in essence, it is a solid effort to share in a wonderful moment.

We particularly like the tribute from Royal Lancaster London, a hotel which hosted Meghan and Harry, just a few months ago.

To celebrate the news of our favourite royal duo welcoming their new son, Royal Lancaster London has created delicious fondant ‘baby buggy’ biscuits, in royal blue.

These will be offered complimentary with every tea or coffee served throughout the hotel, for one week from the birth of the new baby.

Aside from obvious scepticism, we like this very much.

It is subtle and above all, very cute. The Royal Lancaster didn’t need to do it, but they did all the same.

It’s such a nice human touch and it makes you pleased to be part of nation that values warmth.