There are few things more relaxing or synonymous with sophistication than reclining in an armchair by a roaring fire with a glass of fine whisky, revelling in the thoughts of the day after a hearty meal.

Whether it’s lone contemplation or a drink with friends and socialites, there’s no choice richer in heritage or elegance than Scottish single malt whisky brand, Longmorn. The brand dates back to the days of the Victorian era, and since the first drops of the amber nectar were distilled, the brand has embodied the concept of exquisite taste. It truly quenches the thirst of those hunting for unrivalled luxury.

Longmorn is the product of the imagination of master distiller John Duff, who, before finding his feet in the whisky industry, ran a hotel in Aberdeen, Scotland. The elegant taste of whisky first entered John’s life in the late 1860’s, when he managed Glendronach Distillery. The decision to enter the whisky industry couldn’t have come at a better time, as in the 1860’s, there had been what many described as “a Scotch whisky boom.”

In 1876, John founded Glenlossie distillery, accompanied by two business partners, which he managed for a decade. In the years that followed, John would travel far and wide, from South Africa to Kentucky, attempting to set up distilleries, in search of foreign flavours.

In the early 1890’s, John returned to Scotland, where he would manage a further three distilleries; the Bon Accord distillery near Aberdeen in 1892, Longmorn distillery in Speyside in 1894 and last but by no means least, BenRiarch distillery in 1898. John’s contributions to the whisky industry have cemented him as somewhat of a legendary character within the field. Throughout his involvement within the whisky industry, John would source pure spring water, pumped by a wheel on the burn, and extended the local railway line to the distillery doors. This ensured the product could be quickly and effectively shared with appreciators of Scottish whisky, while specially shaped stills were built to create a superior product from the beginning.

We recently had the pleasure of tasting one of many brands John Duff’s whisky expertise contributed towards, in the form of Longmorn 16YO (£94.99).

Described by the brand as being “the sweet, silky one”, Longmorn 16YO is one of the most recent additions to the Longmorn line. It was created embodying the principals utilised by Longmorn’s pioneering founder, John Duff. Longmorn describe the 16YO single malt’s taste as being “rich and intense”, after being aged for 16 years in a combination of highly prized American and traditional casks, which before the introduction of Longmorn’s luxurious liquids, held sherry.

But how does Longmorn 16YO taste?

The brand’s description of Longmorn 16YO being ‘sweet and silky’ perfectly sums up the Scottish sophistication contained within. From the moment the liquid meets the lips, it’s almost as though you’re taken by the hand, guided through orchards blooming with a colourful display of ripe fruit. Deep within the blend, twists of citrus present themselves, perfectly complemented by the creamy smoothness of vanilla. Delving deeper into the flavours offered by Longmorn 16YO, an aromatic taste of chocolate presents itself, just subtle enough to serve as a dessert whisky after any fine meal. All of this combined gives way to an undeniably moreish, full bodied finish, bursting with flavour.

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