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“Our expertise. Your benefit.”

With over 60 years of experience, Kensington Bespoke is a family run business offering the finest in high end fashion and tableware. Collecting this knowledge and expertise together, the brand offer all the styles found from end to end on Kensington High Street direct to your front door.




The product of the entrepreneurial mind of CEO Imran Khan, Kensington Bespoke sources the finest items for exclusive clientele, presented uniquely for you using an online service. The brand emphasise the simplicity, adding “Think of us as your personal shopping assistant.”




Kensington Bespoke operate their luxurious business on the ethos of “high end, distinctive, and tailored to your tastes”, offering things which are guaranteed to be both completely unique, and unmistakably extraordinary. All brands featured are handmade in Great Britain or sometimes Europe, produced by only the most talented and skilled craftsmen in their industries across England, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Germany and Scotland to name a few.




Whether you’re a collector or looking for the most unusual items that you won’t find on the high street, Kensington Bespoke is guaranteed to deliver a one of a kind experience to cherish, as all special moments should be. If going above and beyond the expectation of the customer isn’t enough, the brand also offer free shipping and returns.

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