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. Whiteley and Payne

Since its inception after a fateful conversation in Selfridges over two years ago amidst many a glass of wine, British luxury shirtmakers Whiteley & Payne have been creating high quality British tailoring, spread across shirts, pocket squares and ties to match.

The brand are proud to be from England, a place they affectionately refer to as “the home of shirt and tie making”, and are colourfully passionate about Made in Britain. The two founders, Jason Whiteley & Jason Payne, expressed a love of the heritage behind British tailoring and the wonderful quality associated with the traditional methods of manufacture involved.

To this end, Whiteley & Payne wish to extend their love of British tailoring to you. The brand is offering 10% off all their English made shirts, ties and pocket squares every day until 31st December 2016. To receive your shirts and accessories by Christmas, order by 1pm on 22nd December.

Whiteley and Payne wishes readers of The Foxley Docket a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous 2017.


. Whiteley and Payne


Whiteley and Payne

. Whiteley and Payne

Find out about Whiteley & Payne at:

Whiteley & Payne

Visit: http://www.whiteleyandpayne.com


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