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From the shelves of luxury emporium Kensington Bespoke, the dedicated team of high-fashion experts has hand picked this wonderful collection of styles from some of the most celebrated designers of the modern age.

As a homage to true masters of fashion, Kensington Bespoke has chosen some current trends from great innovators of the design and manufacture process.

Socks and scarves from the queen of rebellion


There are not many designers who could be considered an equal to the ever inventive Vivienne Westwood.

Groundbreaking design and style are something that the fair Dame has personified since unleashing her ideas onto the world some four decades ago.

Having established herself during the 70s punk phenomena, Dame Vivienne has since brought an ayatollah of creativity into the fashion world, and in doing so has carved her own legacy of inspiration for fashion generations to come.

Just as relevant today as she has ever been, her brand has merged the anarchic with the aristocratic into creating instantly recognisable charm.

The styles picked by Kensington Bespoke are these wonderful cotton blend polka dots and stripes socks and lambswool scarves.


These pieces embody the uniformed raucousness associated with this brand, by overlaying stand-out patterns onto refined materials like lambswool or cotton.

Each piece is sourced and made in England, and of course, always features the orb moniker of the famed brand.

Centuries old and still as modern as ever

. From one British icon to another, Pringle of Scotland have spent over two centuries invigorating the world of cashmere and argyle.

An ever present favourite in Royal circles – this proud Scottish institution is often credited with, not only popular styles over the ages, but also the pioneering techniques which have defined the very term knitwear.

A fun fact about Pringle is that it was responsible for the very term “knitwear” – which was first used to describe its ever-growing collections.

Paying homage to this proud brand, Kensington Bespoke has hand picked this selection of jumpers, shawls, cardigans and polo shirts.


With styles that demonstrate an element of effortless style in its design, the weaving intricacies of 200 years of expert manufacture make each piece an example of timeless style.

Flora of Feiler



From two British icons, to a German powerhouse who creates styles not too dissimilar to scenes from an English country garden.

These sublime towels from Feiler, aptly named Cornwall collection, artistically capture the colours and shades of British flora and fauna.


It is part of this German brand’s philosophy that it will produce “items that touch the heart of everyone who appreciates beautiful things” - Upon viewing this towel collection, Feiler designers have surely lived up to their words.

One particular appeal is the detail Feiler creates in these flower designs. The technique used to create this is known as the art of chenille weaving, and is something which the brand has become the world leaders in.

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