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Ushiwear - Hand printed in England.

Ushiwear - Hand printed in England

Launched with the support of her husband Neil in 2008, Ushiwear was born from the imagination of Yorkshire designer Jilly Kapusi. Taking inspiration from her own family’s love of the outdoors, Jilly has produced a range of leisurewear that is practical, unique, chic and comfortable. Resolved to keep the brand ‘Brilliantly British’, every product is created in the Ushiwear store in Mirfield; the business also sources all of its business requirements from within the UK.

Founder Jilly Kapusi has recently issued an appeal to members of the public across the region to ‘get voting’ in the latest competition to be held by Virgin Media, #VOOM2016. In order to take their unique company to the next level, Ushiwear are now looking for an opportunity to pitch in front of the most recognisable businessman in Britain – Richard Branson.

Ushiwear - Hand printed in England. Ushiwear - Hand printed in England #VOOM2016 will offer each winner a £250,000 ad campaign and £50,000 in cash, plus all the business extras that “money can’t buy.” If successful, Ushiwear could receive up £250,000 funding for a project to create a whole new ecologically-sound range of clothing. In order to achieve this, Ushiwear first needs the support of a public vote to shortlist their way into the top 80 entrants in their category. Ushiwear’s entry has been submitted to the Grow category of the #VOOM2016 awards, a category moulded around established businesses with revenue that are looking to, as the name of the competition suggests, grow.

Ushiwear - Hand printed in England. Ushiwear - Hand printed in England

But what would the brand do with a quarter of a million pounds?


hope to use the funds to launch a brand new range of luxury clothing produced from recycled materials. Designer Jilly has cited the idea for the range came to her in a ‘lightbulb’ moment, and promptly enlisted the assistance of student fashion designer, Harriet McHugh, to work on the final designs. Funding from Virgin Media would be a key aspect of raising national awareness of Ushiwear as a highly creative, contemporary and original clothing brand. The range would also contribute to Yorkshire’s growing prestige in the design industry, already recognised for its contributions to the steel industry, earning it the nickname of ‘steel city’. The use of recycled materials will also challenge ‘fast fashion’ and provide environmentally-conscious customers with a ‘green’ option.

Ushiwear - Hand printed in England. Ushiwear - Hand printed in England

The initial stage of the competition is open to public voting until 23rd May 2016. On 25th May, the top 80 entrants with the highest votes from each category will progress through to the semi-finals. They then have until 1st – 2nd June to prepare for The Pitchathon, which takes place in London.

This 29-hour live-streamed attempt at a Guiness World Record will include Peter Kelly, Managing Director of VMB, and Andy Fishburn, Head of Investment at Virgin StartUp, among the business experts on its judging panel. These judges will be responsible for whittling down the shortlist to just 40 entrepreneurs.

Two more workshops will take place in June, where the entrants will be narrowed down to a final six. These lucky few will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pitch their business ideas live to the man himself, Richard Branson, on 28th June.

Speaking about the competition, Kapusi cited, “To be in with a chance in this fantastic competition, we first need the votes of all our supporters. We would be incredibly grateful towards anybody who can spare the time to go online and give us a vote.”

Watched Virgin Media Business #VOOM InTent by Ushiwear, a new, exciting, eco-friendly project made from recyclable materials but they need your help to make it a reality! Please watch Ushiwear pitch and click the link to vote for Ushiwear and make them extremely happy!

Anybody wanting to support this local business in their bid can vote via the link below:

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