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Established in 2008, the team at Yorkshire-based fashion brand Ushiwear operate under an ethos of ‘wear different’. But in an ever-changing industry, how has this been made possible?

The answer, the brand forms its unique identity through the utilization of its hand print approach. Today, Ushiwear is well known for screen-printing every piece created at its headquarters, based in Mirfield. Eager to find out more, we spoke to founder Jilly Kapusi about the brand’s unique trait.

When did you first learn to screen-print?

I first learnt to screen print in 1980 when I was studying graphic design at Batley Art College. I absolutely loved every aspect of it, and it was something that I really took to. I got into screen-printing t-shirts for local brands which I really enjoyed and it sort of went from there.




ushiwear factory.


What attracted you to the method of screen-printing?

Screen-printing is a very hands on method of printing. Once you have done all the preparation you are rewarded with instant results.

You can print on all types of surfaces and materials and with many layers of colour depending on the finish you require. It’s a very creative process and I love experimenting with it.

What is the process of screen printing?

It depends on what the required outcome is, whether it’s a t-shirt, card or poster for example. Initially my ideas are designed on a layout pad then transferred to the computer. They’re then put onto a film and that’s what I make the screens from that I will print on.





Have you experimented with different types of printing?

Yes I’ve experimented with a number of different types of printing over the years, all sorts from offset lithography, sponge and potato printing, etching and lino printing. All of them are interesting and exciting to use as they all produce different results however from experience, screen-printing is my favourite.

What’s your favourite print you’ve designed that’s made it onto an Ushiwear product?

It’s really hard to pick a favourite as every time I create a new design that I’m proud of it quickly becomes my No 1. If I absolutely had to choose though it would be a limited edition poster print I made in January this year.

I made it as a giveaway to my customers and clients and they loved it and it’s so rewarding to create something that people enjoy.

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