Ultra-high-net-worth dating from Harper Stein: Interview with Sallyanne Louisa, founder of Harper Stein

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Sallyanne Louisa didn’t tell her school careers advisor she wanted to be a matchmaker - there was no infamous light bulb moment. While working as a headhunter in the City, she got talking to a businessman at an event. After a few too many glasses of champagne, they were soon in the middle of a heart-to-heart about his dissatisfying love life and the chronicle of failed dates he’d been on. Sallyanne Louisa volunteered to help him find true love. “And I did! He thanked me with a six-figure cheque, passed my details on, and the rest is history.”

Several years on, Harper Stein is now an exclusive, luxury boutique dating agency for ultra-high-net-worth gentlemen. Membership costs six figures and is strictly invitation only. You might think your dating pool would be very restricted under these circumstances, but Sallyanne Louisa describes the Harper Stein network as “boundless”. “We ‘cherry pick’ new members to ensure absolute integrity and successful matches. It’s taken many years to nurture what is now a world-renowned, growing network of fabulous singles.” Harper Stein is essentially a private members’ club, but your dates are expertly and carefully selected to save the heartache of relentlessly swiping and messaging.


Men pay for the Harper Stein service and women don’t – something Sallyanne Louisa is comfortable defending. “When a gentleman invests in something financially he also invests emotionally. They’re at the right time in their life to wholly commit.”

The men who join are proactively matched with other members, and only very few are taken on at one time, so Sallyanne Louisa can get to know them thoroughly. UHNW members are used to exceptional service in every sphere of their life, and this is no different. Very commonly they’ve also tried other dating services, which have left them feeling uneasy, so Sallyanne Louisa dedicates a lot of time to breaking down those barriers and understanding members’ motivations. “Cue lots of long lunches, late night calls, heart-to-hearts, and jet setting to meet at their convenience”. Gentlemen are also paying for privacy and discretion, knowing that Harper Stein will provide them with trusted members. 98% of Harper Stein’s gentlemen members are in a long-term, happy relationship within 12-18 months.


“No matter how many zeros one has in their bank account, they all want the same thing; a committed relationship and a genuine life partner”. It’s apparently a common misconception that ultra-high-net-worth men are only interested in silent ‘arm candy’ – Harper Stein doesn’t make those kinds of matches. “Being intelligent and cultured is just as important as being beautiful and fit”, Sallyanne Louisa insists.

So how can you get an invite? You need to be referred by a member or an ambassador. If you don’t know either, Harper Stein’s head of ambassadors can help you identify which members you may already know. harperstein.com

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