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. Tom Eddolls Fine English Furniture

If there’s something we Brits do well, it’s furniture. Dating back centuries, British furniture defined the aesthetics of iconic periods such as the Elizabethan era, the Georgian era and many more over the years.

Keeping the tradition alive today is Tom Eddolls, who radiates a sense of British interior sophistication – just one visit to his website makes this abundantly clear, where the visitor is presented with “Fine English Craftsmanship & Design.

But who is Tom Eddolls?

Tom has worked with some of the most front-running, innovative furniture designers and manufacturers the United Kingdom has to offer. His roots stem back to a three year apprenticeship; he then completed his training at the Royal Leamington Spa, where he graduated with distinction.

Those who know Tom personally may argue that he truly lives for design, beautifully sculpting in every aspect of his day to day life. His thoughts often find themselves channelled onto paper in the form of weaving, winding designs, or in the poetic imagery-esque words of Tom himself, “dancing around the silhouette of a classic aeroplane.”

. Tom Eddolls

Within his work, Tom tastefully offers a tip of the cap to the Arts and Crafts movement, which began in 1880 in the United Kingdom before quickly spreading across Europe and North America in the years that followed. Of this particular period, Tom particularly admires the work of textile designer and social activist, William Morris, whose floral intricacies are still regularly utilised in homes across the world today. Other artists within the movement that Tom admires include Gordon Russell, who was much more than a designer and a maker; he often expressed interest in life within design – the product would interest Gordon, but equally as important would be the life that surrounds it. Last but by no means least, Tom cites C.R Ashbee as an influence on his approach to furniture, a man who was arguably one of the prime figures in the Arts and Crafts movement, and was the author of “Where the Great City Stands”. However, with all this in mind, Tom still takes great pleasure in creating bespoke contemporary designs for the customer, with more traditional design to suit the customer’s every need.

. William Morris

Tom’s vision is broadened by aspects of real life – natural curves and textured are conjured in Tom’s imagination by the ripple of water or the scales and curves of a fish. All of these elements are combined to pass into the next stage of Tom’s creative process.



. Tom Eddolls Fine English Furniture

As an accomplished furniture designer, Tom works from his sketches and full sized working drawings to bring wood to life, incorporating elements from his various influences to create substantial pieces. In the approach to his work, Tom enjoys blending a variety of styles, all the while maintaining a contemporary edge. In his years of experience, Tom has been fortunate to develop a love of both detail and proportion, two vital aspects of furniture craftsmanship. Proudly leaving his calling card on each piece he creates, Tom emblazons each piece of Tom Eddolls furniture with the font ‘formal MS.’



. Tom Eddolls Fine English Furniture

An aspect of the furniture craftsmanship industry at which Tom excels is choosing the correct timber to meet the piece’s inspiration. This is meticulously crafted using a combination of both the traditional and modern techniques for a true contemporary feel, allowing bespoke and exclusive pieces of furniture to be produced, enriched by a passion for the fine craft.

For stylish pieces of furniture, lovingly crafted by hand and built to the highest standards, there’s really no other option than Tom Eddolls. Tom is also a member of The Gallery at The Guild, which is a cooperative of artists across various mediums including ceramics, designers, furniture makers, sculptors, textile artists and many more disciplines. This cooperative promotes the work of its members, and allows the general public to meet the craftsmen and women behind each piece. Each artist takes a turn at stewarding the cooperative's various exhibitions. For more information, visit

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