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. Tiger Gin was established by 'Shropshire Lad', JJ Lawrence

As one of the most well-known alcoholic beverages available on drinks menus all over the world, the Martini was arguably made infamous and effortlessly cool by Ian Fleming’s quintessentially British icon, James Bond (although did you know Roger Moore never ordered one?)

We reach for a Martini glass and introduce you to British Gin brand, Tiger Gin.

Tiger Gin

was founded by “Shropshire Lad”, JJ Lawrence, “the guy who took on Heineken and won.” Every brand begins with an idea – a spark; a moment of clarity. A passionate Gin drinker, JJ’s came as he was sat enjoying a drink, and mused, “Wouldn’t it be amazing to follow my passion and produce my own gin?

JJ aspired to create “a new class of luxury British spirit”, and in preparation, began to educate himself in the field, reading and researching, a process he describes as becoming “an obsession.”  However, JJ found himself facing somewhat of a roadblock in his journey at this stage – if he trained to become a qualified distiller, the process would set his business back years, with the additional time taken to perfect his craft. To resolve this, the 'Shropshire Lad' set about finding the best distiller he could, who fortunately was situated just 30 minutes away, and had been producing award winning Gins for almost a century.

On his route to success, JJ fought a grueling battle against Heineken Asia Pacific PTE Ltd, who challenged the Shropshire native for the trade marketing of Tiger Gin, claiming it was “too similar” to the brand’s Tiger Beer. After a long legal battle, in true David and Goliath fashion, JJ came out on top and retained the name Tiger Gin, driven by the ethos that no other brand name would do, it had to be Tiger. With all adversities out of the way, JJ teamed with a master distiller to begin creating Tiger Gin’s tantalising taste.

. Tiger Gin founder JJ Lawrence.

So, what goes into Tiger Gin?

Produced without compromise in Britain by artisan master distillers who are well versed in the craft, Tiger Gin is created using traditional methods. Every ingredient utilised by the brand is natural, and picked from the finest produce which is meticulously chosen and sourced from the highest quality harvests around the world. Juniper berries, Coriander seeds and dried sweet orange peels to name just three ingredients which combine to create Tiger Gin’s iconic, British taste are blended with 100% grain spirit and pure English water to produce an unforgettable drinking experience from the heart of England which is smooth and well balanced.

Since its launch, Tiger Gin has been recognised as one of the best Gins in the world by a variety of prestigious organisations and connoisseurs of spirits, including The International Spirits Awards, The Gin Masters and The San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

It’s exactly what Gin connoisseurs everywhere need as the summer dawns across the United Kingdom – however, Tiger Gin is a little different and more fruitful than your average Gin. Traditionally, a Martini includes Gin and Vermouth, often garnished with an olive. For the best results, founder JJ Lawrence recommends drinking Tiger Gin with a slice of orange. For the perfect serve, try Tiger Gin over ice, premium Indian tonic water and a slice of fresh unwaxed orange.

. Tiger Gin

Find out more at:

Tiger Gin

Visit: http://www.tigergin.co.uk/

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