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. Simply Cheshire takes place at Arley Hall on May 20th and 21st

On May 20th and 21st, Simply Cheshire returns to the art-enriched county, which features the finest artisan craftsmen and women from all across the county for its second year. The event will be held at the picturesque location of the family owned Arley Hall, which often finds itself featured on the small screen including series Peaky Blinders, Downton Abbey and a plethora of other historic programs.

2017’s event also sees the return of globally acclaimed kiln formed glass artist, Deborah Moses, who will be returning to the event after the roaring success of its premier outing two years ago. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Deborah to discuss the upcoming event, and what she has in store for those in attendance.

Passionate about her county and proud of the artistic talent thriving within, Deborah exuberantly exclaims, “It’s a beautiful event!”. Over 80 artists and independent producers are scheduled to be in attendance, all of whom have been hand picked by Simply Cheshire’s curator, Suzie Dickens. Deborah adds, “She’s very good at curating, and she did hand pick the very best of what Cheshire has got to offer. It’s about promoting Cheshire too, which is why Suzie wanted to develop Simply Cheshire.”

. The Village Alchemist, Simply Cheshire.

So, what’s on offer at Simply Cheshire?

Everything, all of which has been lovingly handmade by the endlessly talented creative community. Deborah cites, “It’s not just artwork and sculpture – there’s clothing, jewellery, producers, farm shops, photographers – the list goes on!”

The beauty of Simply Cheshire is that there truly is something for everyone, regardless of visitor tastes or budget. If customers arrive at the picturesque grounds of Arley Hall with £20, they’ll find something they’re bound to love. But by the same token, if visitors are looking for an investment to take home to adorn their living room, bedroom or whichever room with, they’re sure to find that special something - this ensures nobody is left out, and everybody can enjoy the benefits of what Cheshire has to offer.

Speaking about the event itself, Deborah comments, “It’s lovely to see a mix of all the different produce and all the talent that’s on offer at Cheshire. If people are going to spend on a piece of artwork or sculpture, or if they want to visit a farm shop, why not keep it all in Cheshire? There’s no need to go further afield, we’ve got it all here! It’s about promoting Cheshire and all it has to offer – it’s a beautiful county to live in.”

Arley Hall is truly a beautiful location, where filming for Peaky Blinders recently took place while a photo shoot for Simply Cheshire was carried out. Deborah recalled how “We didn’t see much except for a few cameramen walking backwards and forwards looking very serious, but you could tell there was an exciting atmosphere there. We were there for the photography for Simply Cheshire, but that’s not to say we didn’t have one eye on what was going on in the background!”

. The Great Hall of Arley Hall, as featured in Peaky Blinders. Photographer: Robert Viglasky

. Arley Hall and Gardens

At the last Simply Cheshire event, the weather was the best the British summertime has to offer, which kept the attention of those from in and around Cheshire all weekend. Deborah recalled how people had a look around while enjoying a glass of wine, before sitting down to enjoy a picnic, making for a fantastic atmosphere. And after all, what is better than a beautiful display of talent, accompanied by a glass of wine in the Summer sun?

The question was raised, “For Simply Cheshire, what is The Silver Zebra going to be bringing this year?”

Much of what Deborah has planned for Simply Cheshire has been kept firmly under wraps, with Deborah tweeting ambiguous images relating to 2017’s offering.

“Well, this year, I’m going to be taking along the ever popular Marble series, so that’ll be coming along. I’m also working on the design of the new Spritz mirrors. They’re a kind of functional art piece, art for your wall space but also serving as a mirror”, the Cheshire artist replies, quietly confident in her ability.

. . . .

In recent weeks, The Silver Zebra has released a series of mysterious images, labelled with the hashtag, ‘#tszOctogon.’ But what is Octogon?

“It’s based on another childhood memory – it’s nostalgic, it’s all very exciting. To see the full collection, people will have to visit Simply Cheshire and Bang & Olufsen!” (where the new collection will be being exhibited shortly after.)

"OCTOGON - the interactive sculpture you can build again and again!"

The Silver Zebra

will be exhibiting at Simply Cheshire on May 20th and 21st, held at Arley Hall, Arley, Northwich, CW9 6NA. Tickets can be bought in advance here:

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