The Royal Yacht Britannia - A Valentine's Day to Remember

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Royal Yacht Britannia - Valentine's Day

As the opening chords to Auld Lang Syne ring out at parties all over the world, in the cold light of morning, the focus of couples all over the world turn to the next romantic hurdle – Valentine’s Day.

Thanks to the media’s portrayal of the perfect relationship, men and women are indoctrinated into thinking that unless they provide the goods in the form of the perfect getaway, a candlelit dinner and a bed covered in sensual rose petals where a path is lit by candles, the night is going to be a complete disaster. But isn’t that all a little cliché?

Why not do something different for your significant other this year? Take your mind off hastily attempting to book a table at any restaurant in a five-mile radius that has two chairs left and is willing to accommodate those who don’t begin planning six months in advance…

Step forward The Royal Yacht Britannia.

Collaborating with Royal Warrant Holders and Scotland’s most prestigious luxury jewellery house Hamilton & Inches to bring one couple the most sophisticated, prestigious evening money can buy.

. Royal Yacht Britannia - Valentine's Day

. The Royal Yacht Britannia

Most would agree an evening spent aboard a historic royal vessel such as the former floating palace of Her Majesty the Queen far surpasses even the most gastronomic, glamorous of restaurants.

The night’s  festivities begin with a personal chauffeur driving you and your loved one from the Victorian beauty of The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh in a majestic Rolls-Royce, courtesy of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Edinburgh. From here, you are driven to an exclusive quayside arrival at The Royal Yacht Britannia. Receiving a welcome fit for a King & Queen, you will be piped aboard via The Royal Brow, an entrance saved for, and frequented by members of royalty from all over the world.

And what’s an evening fit for royals without canapés and champagne? Within The State Drawing Room, you are treated to the most luxurious, tantalising canapés, washed down by the opulent taste of Krug Champagne. Here, love-struck lovers will be introduced to Hamilton & Inches, where they will receive an exclusive, front row seat viewing of the new Signature Suite collection from the Scottish master jewellers. Unseen anywhere else, the Signature Suite consist of a trio of elegant jewellery, consisting of a diamond collar necklace, diamond earrings and a diamond cuff bracelet. Dressed in over 660 diamonds, the Signature Suite weighs in at a stunning 40.41cts. The set was created in commemoration of Hamilton & Inches’ 150th Anniversary and is the only set to exist in the world, and will be yours to own forever should you splash out on all the ship’s luxuries on Valentine’s Day.

This teasing of the palate in such an exquisite fashion is followed by a ten-course tasting menu, expertly crafted by the Royal Yacht Britannia’s Executive Chef, Mark Alston. This is served by the butlers aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia. A wine is also chosen to accompany each platter, chosen from the Moet & Hennessy collection by the victorious vessel’s Head Sommelier. This menu features some of the most exquisite authentic Scottish ingredients, including creel caught langoustines from the country’s West Coast, alongside highly sought after white caviar, 28 day dry-aged Aberdeen Angus beef fillet and Champagne macarons. The finishing touch of this delectable delight comes in the form of an edible 24 carat gold leaf, decorated with edible diamonds - a feast fit for a King (& Queen.)

Royal Yacht Britannia - Valentine's Day

royal yacht britannia robert burns. Royal Yacht Britannia - Valentine's Day

Bask in the history of The State Dining Room, a place where Her Majesty the Queen has entertained Kings and Queens and only the most A-list of celebrities, while being serenaded with a set list of the most romantic songs, spread throughout the evening. Once dinner has been devoured, you are invited to enjoy a traditional tipple in the form of a glass of Hennessy Paradis Imperial Cognac, from your very own personal engraved bottle. The evening is brought to a close with a spectacular firework display, sure to light up the sky and the hearts of thecelebrating couple.

This dazzling experience reaches out to couples all over the country. A private jet service is available from bespoke aviation brand, Jet Logic, from any airport in the United Kingdom and is exclusive to one couple to enjoy the Valentine’s Day of a lifetime.

Speaking about this once in a lifetime love celebration, Andrew Thomson, Head of Hospitality & Events at the Royal Yacht Britannia cited, “We’re honoured to be collaborating with so many prestigious brands who share our desire to offer one of the most luxurious romantic experiences for someone looking for a very unique Valentine’s gift.  Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh spent over 44 years of their marriage sailing around the globe aboard Britannia.  Today, guests are treated to the same unrivalled high standards as when Britannia was in Royal service to create the perfect evening following in the footsteps of Royalty.”

Chief Executive of Hamilton & Inches, Stephen Paterson, adds “At Hamilton & Inches, we have been creating moments of love and celebration for generations, so we are thrilled for our 150th anniversary Signature Suite to be a part of the Ultimate Luxury Valentine’s Experience with The Royal Yacht Britannia. We have a shared heritage with the Royal Yacht in crafting exceptional experiences, and as holders of the Royal Warrant, Hamilton & Inches is proud to have our most prestigious suite of jewellery play its part in making this a Valentine’s Experience of a lifetime.”

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