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Teddy Edward - Men's and Women's wear. Teddy Edward - Men's and Women's wear

Inspiration comes in many forms. Some find inspiration in a euphoric experience, some find it riding on the coat tails of a life changing event, some find it… on the back of a horse?

And this is exactly where Stephen Reeds, Creative Director at Teddy Edward, first conceived the idea for his understated luxury clothing line. While riding his noble steed, Stephen couldn’t help but notice the country apparel his riding companion was lavishly wrapped in.

Stephen utilized over twenty years of expertise within the fashion industry to take the first steps towards his exclusive, British made clothing aimed towards those who appreciate the country air and British soil underfoot, yet can be worn and look equally stylish traversing the streets of the city. Teddy Edward caters for both men and women, offering a vast array of beautifully diverse and meticulously crafted clothing, which embody the modern gentleman – country inspired, with a twist of contemporary style. Each piece is created using only the finest material, sourced and handpicked by Stephen himself from the very best UK manufacturers before being transformed into unique and versatile designs.

Teddy Edward. Teddy Edward

Stephen Reeds and Teddy Edward. Stephen Reeds and Teddy Edward

So who is Teddy Edward?

Teddy Edward

was a fine gentleman, and Stephen’s grandfather. He gave his name to the brand as a perfect inspiration for a rising business built on the foundations of British quality and craftsmanship.

Teddy Edward

aspires to produce core wardrobe pieces with a view to inspire future generations to embrace the outdoor lifestyle. In doing this, Teddy Edward is a proud supporter of Great British manufacturing heritage, while celebrating the open freedom of the countryside. This, combined with an innovative work ethic and a blend of modern style creates the perfect homage to the brand’s rural roots.

Teddy Edward

is extremely proud of its British heritage, devoting themselves to British craftsmanship. With a desire to support a homegrown community, the brand cites its approach to business as ‘partnership’.

Teddy Edward - Women's wear. Teddy Edward - Women's wear

teddy-edward-wysall5. Teddy Edward

But how does the brand support British craftsmanship?

Teddy Edward

scours the British Isles, meticulously picking and collaborating with only the finest manufacturers from across the United Kingdom. This, combined with a keen eye for exceptionally skilled craftsmen and likeminded fashionistas, takes up a large amount of Stephen’s time. However, this uncompromising approach to business has paid off, as Stephen describes how “we are now lucky to work with a network of gifted and creative artisans and manufacturers who share our passion for quality and Great British flare.”

 This ‘Great British flare’ is what sets the brand apart from the competition, and is something the brand are endlessly proud of.

Although the brand has only been in business for just one year, it shows all the signs of a highly successful name. Exhibiting at twenty shows, the brand was awarded “Best Stand” at the prestigious Blenheim Horse Trials, and again at the Royal Berkshire Show, with no signs of slowing down in the foreseeable future.

Find out more about Teddy Edward at:

Teddy Edward

Visit: http://www.teddy-edward.com

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