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. Teddy Edward by Harriet Edwards

As Spring breaks amidst the occasional grey clouds and showers, whose conspicuous absence signals the end of the Winter, Brits everywhere reach for lighter coats and jackets, with parkas and heavy coats returning to pegs and hangers in wardrobes everywhere.

Step forward Nottinghamshire brand, Teddy Edward, who perfectly blend a country style with contemporary fashion to create a quintessentially British brand – in addition, each piece produced by Teddy Edward is lovingly handmade in the Great Britain, with materials sourced from all over the country, where only the finest will do.

. Teddy Edward by Harriet Edwards

. Teddy Edward

This month, we explore the Belvoir Women’s Waterproof Coat by Teddy Edward. Made in Suffolk, this distinctly British women’s coat from Teddy Edward embodies the spirit of the great outdoors, combined with the brand’s passion for luxury. The fabric comes from a manufacturer in Lancashire who have over a hundred years of experience working within the manufacturing industry, and this vast heritage works in Teddy Edward’s favour, as well as the exceptional skill of the craftsmen and women who create it. The Belvoir is Teflon coated to make it waterproof but still exceptionally breathable and comfortable.

Keep dry within the April showers with the Belvoir Women’s Waterproof Coat’s fabric, an essential aspect of the coat with the unpredictability of British weather, which, as the name suggests, is completely waterproof. Meanwhile, the British thermal quilting which covers the coat is sure to keep customers warm in the Autumn and in cooler summer nights.

. Teddy Edward

. Teddy Edward

Well cut in its design, the Belvoir Women’s Waterproof Coat juxtaposes a quilted front, with a clean rib on the back for both smoothness and comfort. Innovative in their approach to blending style and feasibility, the Belvoir Women’s Waterproof Coat features poacher pockets with side access for cold hands in the winter, with an internal pocket inside the breast of the coat, perfect for storing your mobile phone when on the go.

The Teddy Edward Belvoir Women’s Waterproof Coat is available exclusively from £199.00, available in sizes ranging from size 8 to size 16.

Find out more about Teddy Edward at:

Teddy Edward

Visit: http://www.teddy-edward.com

Women's Belvoir Coat: http://www.teddy-edward.com/collections/mens/shirt

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