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. Teddy Edward - Men's and Women's wear

Hailing from Wysall, Nottinghamshire, quintessentially British luxury brand Teddy Edward create the finest clothing, headed by Creative Director Stephen Reeds.

Creative Director Stephen Reeds has a keen eye for style and versatility, utilising over twenty years of experience working within the fashion industry in his approach to what some may describe as ‘country chic’ – the perfect attire for a sophisticated look in the field or town, thoughout the year.

This month, we delve into the Nottinghamshire brand’s range of elegantly stylish shirts on offer – the Fernie, the Meynell and the Rufford.

. Teddy Edward - Men's Cotton Shirts

There’s an expected level of quality when it comes to Teddy Edward products, and this collection goes above and beyond what one can expect from a luxury shirt. The Fernie, Meynell and Rufford all herald back to a time period of glitter and glamour – the roaring twenties, effortlessly blending the contemporary and the classical, and a style affectionately known as “the Grandad shirt.” In the nature of Teddy Edwards’ outdoor pursuits orientation, in their Grandad shirts, the Wysall brand have taken inspiration from the original hunting shirts.

Teddy Edward - The Fernie Grandad Collar Cotton Shirt.

Teddy Edward - The Fernie Grandad Collar Cotton Shirt

When wearing a Teddy Edward Grandad shirt, you can really feel the heritage of the brand, and of the shirt’s design, running through each fibre, all of which are made in London. The Fernie, Meynell and Rufford all offer a tailored fit and shape, complimenting any outfit with a touch of formality and style. The brand’s combination of craftsmanship and design are bespoke for Teddy Edward. “Fine and dandy” contrasting stitching line the inside of the collar, and with its bibbed front, fashionistas across the country would be hard-pressed to find a rivalling garment.

Teddy Edward - The Meynell Grandad Collar Cotton Shirt.

. Teddy Edward - The Meynell Grandad Collar Cotton Shirt

Returning to Teddy Edward’s luxurious nature, each piece produced by the brand is exquisitely finished, radiating elegance in both aesthetic and to the touch. Created utilising the original Oxford weave, the Grandad collar range would look effortlessly stylish sat under a traditional jacket or bold blazer, the perfect outfit for both day and night.

Teddy Edward - The Rufford Grandad Collar Cotton Shirt.

. Teddy Edward - The Rufford Grandad Collar Cotton Shirt

There are subtle differences between the three shirts; the Fernie is blue in colour, complemented by a crisp white collar, with  white trimming under the button placket and cuffs. The Meynell features a beautiful blue and white strip, a tasteful touch of style to compliment any outfit, and the Rufford is crafted from the finest Oxford fabric in a shade of sky blue.

Find out more about Teddy Edward at:

Teddy Edward

Visit: http://www.teddy-edward.com

Shirt Collection: http://www.teddy-edward.com/collections/mens/shirt

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