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Whether they’re presented as a gift, or hung from the fireplace, it’s widely accepted that socks play a vital role in the celebration of Christmas.

Understanding this all too well is Leicestershire’s, proudly British, unisex-wear brand, Teddy Edward, who work very closely with one of the oldest sock manufacturers in the United Kingdom to create their luxurious Brocklesby socks, named “the ultimate under boot sock”.

So what makes a good sock?

First, it has to stay up all day – we’ve all had that nagging feeling, where, as the meme, the adage of the 21st century goes, ‘on the outside I may look calm and collected, but inside my boot, my sock is falling down.’ There are few things more inconvenient/uncomfortable; not to mention attempting to resolve the issue while looking perfectly normal walking down the street.

Second, it has to be extremely comfortable. When socks spend all day on your feet, it’s vital that they’re comfortable for those long days of working a 9-5 before heading out for an evening’s festivity. There’s nothing worse than dry, stiff or scratchy socks.

Finally, the sock must not have any nasty or annoying seams. Not only do these look untidy, they’re also incredibly annoying at the best of times, and one tug could ruin the lining of the sock altogether.

Safe to say, the Teddy Edward Brocklesby sock ticks all three boxes. Not only is the design completely bespoke to Teddy Edward, but in the words of Ace Ventura, they ‘fit like a glove!’




But how are these festive favourites made?

Traditional techniques are used, utilising both old and new machinery in the creation of traditional double cylinder socks before being hand-linked by the endlessly skilled craftspeople working tirelessly to ensure each sock is perfect. This process entails the sock being carefully placed on a wheel of needles – it is vital that no link is missed, and considered to be the most important part of the process. If a link is missed, this creates a ladder in the sock, so it’s important each link is connected.

Following this, the ends of the socks are flawlessly sewn together – this creates the seam. For ultimate comfort, craftsmen and women creating the Brocklesby sock from Teddy Edward ensure no stitching lumps occur. The wheel of needles often holds up to four socks at any one time.

When this process is complete, the socks are sent to the finishing house to be washed, for maximum comfort and quality for the customer. All that’s left to do is for the socks to be pressed and printed with the Teddy Edward brand, a hallmark of these British made, high quality garments.

The Teddy Edward Brocklesby sock is made from an exotic alpaca wool/nylon blend, with the nylon allowing the sock to remain upright all day. It took several months, but the brand believe they’ve finally created ‘the perfect sock’. To be honest, we can’t argue with them.


Find out more about Teddy Edward at:

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