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ted-baker-sock9. Ted Baker

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

This is an adage that found its way onto motivational posters and into speeches which undoubtedly, many of us encountered in our school days in an effort to encourage revision before important exams. Well into adulthood, this is a phrase that stays with us, in a more home-hitting fashion than you’d expect…

Odd socks. Everybody instantly understands the frustration. When you’re planning an outfit for a big day or for an important meeting, socks aren’t really something you take into consideration – they’re hidden by trousers and shoes; surely they can’t be a problem? Wrong. The frustration when you find the perfect sock, for the other to have seemingly vacated into an alternate dimension is immeasurable. And if you’re not actively looking for them, they’re mischievously hiding at the bottom of the washing basket, or remaining in the washing machine. But these are simply first world problems, right? Mountains out of molehills.

Images by https://oybo.it. Images by https://oybo.it


Did you know the average Brit spends up to five months over the course of their lifetime looking for an odd sock? The UK loses 676 million socks a year – that’s over 13 socks a week. These troublesome threads cost the UK £77 billion a year to replace. 12% of us would not find a potential significant other attractive if they wore odd socks. Not so insignificant now, is it?

So what can we do to combat this irritating epidemic?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s… Ted Baker.

Opening in 1988 in Glasgow, the British brand quickly rose to prominence, gaining a reputation for being the only place to buy some of the finest contemporary men’s shirts available on the market. Ted Baker spread to the UK like wildfire, soon opening stores on King Street in Manchester and in Nottingham Exchange Arcade, with the first London store trading from the exquisite settings of Covent Garden.

In September 2016, Ted Baker stepped forward in the fight against odd socks with the announcement of the aptly named “odd sock amnesty.” Between September and November, under the guise of ‘Ted’s Pairs & Spares’ invites customers to have their socks replaced with a trio of brand new matching socks. Taking place in stores across London, Birmingham and Manchester, through the ‘Odd Sock Amnesty’ campaign, the brand looks to save the British public £120 a year, and give back three whole days lost through the hunt for socks.

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Ted Baker

’s cobbler, Roger Smith, comments, “A good pair of socks can make your outfit and having an odd pair of socks can break it. Long gone are the days when we hide our ankles in shame, instead swap your old mismatched pair of socks and Ted will give you a trio to be proud of and you never need to go hunting for the missing sock again. Rolling up the bottom of our jeans or suit trousers to show off a jazzy pair of socks always looks good.”


Statistics taken from 1,772 respondents surveyed by Censuswide. Ted’s Pairs & Spares will be popping up at the following stores, with a trio of socks offered with the purchase of men’s shoes.




  • 27th Sept- 2nd Oct: Selfridges, 1 Exchange Square, Manchester City
  • 3rd Oct- 10th Oct: Selfridges, Trafford Centre, Manchester
  • 13th Oct- 18th Oct: Selfridges, Bullring, Birmingham
  • November: Ted Baker retail, Commercial Street, London


Find out about Ted Baker at:

Ted Baker

Visit: http://www.tedbaker.com


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