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Oliver Sweeney

Founded in 1989, Oliver Sweeney boasts over 25 years of experience in crafting luxury footwear. Under the watchful eye of fourth generation shoe maker and Cobbler-in-Chief Tim Cooper, Oliver Sweeney believe that comfort should not be sacrificed for style, or vice versa, and with this in mind, all Oliver Sweeney footwear is designed around the company’s Anatomical Last, a tool created by Oliver Sweeney which is the product of years of research that not only imitates the shape of the foot, but also its movement, ensuring an immaculate fit which keeps customers returning time and time again.

Cooper believes in the importance of traditional craftsmanship, however, he understands the concept that great design boils down to always looking forward; never looking back. Situated in the Italian Marche, Oliver Sweeney’s prestigious factory embodies these values, run for generations by a family of shoemakers. Their modern British designs are lovingly crafted by hand, with a twist of Mediterranean style in the form of a softened stiff upper lip of traditional shoemaking, without sacrificing any of the quality. Inspiration for Oliver Sweeney’s range of elegant footwear comes from every corner of the globe, filtered through a British lens, working closely with designers, craftsmen, factories, in-house staff and customers and clients alike to create a unique range of men’s footwear, outerwear and accessories to reflect customer’s flair, success and individuality.

Oliver Sweeney, Jaguar, shoes, leather.

Oliver Sweeney


Oliver Sweeney believe you can tell everything you need to know about a person by their shoes, and customers have returned to the company time and time again with the message that through wearing Oliver Sweeney shoes, they have put across the exact desired message. Oliver Sweeney shoes have often been stated as dressing customers with a sense of authority, integrity, ingenuity and a passion for shoemaking, crafting the perfect shoe for any occasion. As the company has aged, Oliver Sweeney’s range of the finest quality products has evolved over time, constantly striving to be the best, with the brand taking pride in creating footwear that radiates unconventional and bespoke statements.

In September 2015, Oliver Sweeney announced their latest collaboration with British multinational car manufacturer Jaguar, named ‘Weslake and Sayer’, with further co designed styles to launch in 2016. These new styles of formal driving shoe celebrate the company’s design and engineering heritage. One of the company’s most famous designers is Malcolm Sayer, the driving force behind several Jaguar models, including the C Type, the D Type, the E Type, the XJ-S and the unique XJ13. Meanwhile, Harry Weslake was the iconic figure behind Jaguar’s powerful and prestigious engines.

The Advanced Design Director at Jaguar, Julian Thomson, cited “This is a great relationship as both Jaguar and Oliver Sweeney have much in common: British craftsmanship, artistry and a love of the creative process. Above all we're all very proud of this latest collection that we've created together.”

Oliver Sweeney, Jaguar, jaguar cars, leather.

Oliver Sweeney


Created utilising similar processes to those adopted by Jaguar’s design team, this elegant range of footwear were first sculpted and refined in clay, before 3D printing using composite plastics for their pre-production sign off. Once they’ve been approved, these prototypes are then sent off to the Oliver Sweeney factory in Italy to be lovingly handcrafted and stitched into the final product.

Unlike most other specialised footwear on the market, the Weslake and Sayer range feature an incredibly flexible yet firm sole to ensure maximum driving comfort, which assists in maintaining the flowing lines of the upper’s style. A special heel profile has been designed to create a point of pivot to improve pedal control, this ensures an effortless driving experience without the struggle of the shoes catching on the pedals at all.

The upper design is reminiscent of some of the designs featured in the latest range of vehicles from Jaguar, with the curved sewn panel on the shoe similar to that of the D Pillar of the Jaguar XJ. The chisel toe profile could be likened to the signature squared off grille featured on all current Jaguar models, stretching as recently as the brand new F-Pace crossover, and F-Type sports car.

Oliver Sweeney, Jaguar, leather, designer shoes.

Oliver Sweeney


Tim Cooper, Cobbler-In-Chief at Oliver Sweeney added, "We're absolutely thrilled to build on our partnership with Jaguar. Collaborating with another great British brand has been really inspiring, and we've truly worked together on these shoes to create something that reflects what both of our brands represent: a luxurious, modern take on traditional craftsmanship. As a result, the shoes are not only beautiful objects, but ideal for driving in too.”

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