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Scomadi 50cc

In the early noughties, scooter pioneers Frank Sanderson of Scooter Innovation Ltd and Paul Melici of PM Tuning Ltd made an executive decision to combine their 60 years of expertise in the scooter industry to create a new brand of scootering excellence, Scomadi.

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Based on the classical, iconic vintage Italian scooters of days gone by, the first Scomadi models were Scooter Innovations modern automatic engine hybrid conversions, produced as derivatives of the Series 4 and Series 5. These were soon followed by a number of prototype concept scooters, aspiring to mass create a machine they refer to as ‘a modern classic.’

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Scomadi 125cc

Closely collaborating Sanderson and Melici drove the project forward, and after ten years of product development, registered the IPR required to protect their development, research and future investment, to create the Scomadi brand. In the course of the process, Scomadi attained several British and one World Record with their research and prototype scooters.

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Upon its long anticipated release, The Scomadi Turismo Leggera 250 was available in the form of 10 limited edition carbon fibre models. However, due to the high demand, a further 20 scooters were built by hand with a paint finish to individual customer specification - this time with a 300cc engine. The success of these hand built models resulted in an oversubscribed order book, with scootering enthusiasts eager to own a Scomadi. With the publicity generated by the exclusive Limited Edition range, Scomadi aspired to use this exclusivity to raise public awareness of the brand, the company and their products. This strategy was a success, resulting in a contract being drawn up with a high quality Far East manufacturing company, along with an acclaimed European motorcycle distributor.

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serve as a business pushing the boundaries of the scooter industry, and more so, the definition of the term ‘scooter’ itself. In doing this, the brand have extended the range of models available, utilizing the same chassis and bodywork, the models currently available include a 50 and 125 cc, with the soon to be released sporty 200 cc model due in early summer 2016.

scomadi, moped, scooter, motorway. Scomadi Ltd - Frank Sanderson of Scooter Innovation Ltd and Paul Melici of PM Tuning Ltd

By embodying the expertise and services of a high quality experienced scooter manufacturer, the costs have been lowered considerably from the original cost of the flagship model, which allows Scomadi scooters to be available and compete in an already broad market.

scomadi, 125cc, scooters. Scomadi 125cc


scooters are available through our expanding dealer network throughout the UK and EU, with international dealerships spreading rapidly. Details of the current dealer network are listed on the website with many more to follow as the brand expands its international horizons .

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