Saving Space with Technology in the Modern Home

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Here at The Foxley Docket, our tastes in homes run far and wide, but there is one thing on which we all agree – technology is making our homes and our home lives more convenient than ever before. Whether through the extra warmth of more advanced insulation, the amazing variety afforded by modern media, or the undeniable handiness of storing hundreds of books on a single eBook reader, the technological age had brought about developments which improve our lives in a great many ways.

While we love a lot of this, there are issues in that these developments can clash with traditional decoration of our classic interiors. Because of this, we can struggle to find a balance between the space we have, the decoration and layout of our homes, and that traditional style which we love so much. So how can this modern technology change the layout of our homes, and how effective can it be in saving space?

Bookshelves and Libraries

The luckiest among us might be able to create an entire room dedicated to our favourite books, magazine, and encyclopaedias, though most of us fall back into relying on the smaller addition of a bookshelf or two. It's a difficult thing, to properly articulate the feeling which these additions can have to our homes. They act as reminders to great adventures or help us recall our studies, they stand as portals to what we have learned in the past, and what we might want to experience in the future. They are also enormous, unwieldy, and can be a major pain to clean and maintain.

Because of this, and the added benefits brought about by modern advances in technology, there can be good reasons to downsize these traditionally monolithic pieces, reverting instead to smaller cases only dedicated to the most important of the important. This does not, however, mean a simple abandonment of the written word, as the use of eBook readers and similar tablet devices can help collate hundreds or thousands of books into a single and lightweight devices.


Of course, this is not the perfect solution for everyone. As much as we love our Kindles, they simply cannot compare to the basic tactile pleasure of holding a real book, of flipping through the pages and placing our favourites firmly in a place of honour. That said, those who are finding themselves strapped for space, or unconcerned by the affectations of the traditional, should absolutely consider changing how they consume the written word. This can also be a great financial help in terms of book costs, as eBook files tend to be much cheaper than entire printed physical books or magazine subscriptions. They won't be able to replace everything, but they can make the difference you need.

Digital Entertainment

As much as we love modern digital entertainment, which is a great deal, we also can’t deny the fact that many of these designs simply do not mesh well with the carefully cultivated appearance of our traditional homes. Because of this, many decorators tend to go with the time-tested trick of the hidden television or computer system, which only comes out to play when we want it, thus not ruining our overall style. In terms of saving space, there are a few major ways in which the most modern of developments can allow us considerable extra room.

First of all, there are still many people who stick with the old boxy CRT television sets, refusing to upgrade as there is no strict need. As some of us here at TFD have experienced this first-hand, we can recommend exalting the virtues of the added saved space of the modern LCD televisions, plus the much lower weight of these lower profile devices.


For digital entertainment, we also can't dismiss what a fantastic space-saver a simple laptop or tablet computer can prove to be. These not only lack the weight and related difficulties of a desktop PC, they are also capable of reaching out to enormous ranges of entertainment, the scope of which far exceed any other means. You can watch old recorded footage from decades ago without having to rely on tapes or disks, check the latest sport-scores without having to wait for the television or radio, or check out the best places to take a few spins in a casino online, without ever leaving the comfort of your favorite chair to play games such as roulette, slots and baccarat. The learning curve for these modern devices is much gentler than many initially believe, and we are firm believers that the pros far outweigh the cons.

Supporting Technology

Not nearly as exciting as entertainment media, but still not something which can be ignored. By supporting technology we mean the types of home improvements which have slowly been progressing in the background which many of us understate or pass over. Improved insulation is one of the best examples here, as it can not only save for the need of firewood or expensive and space-consuming heaters, it can help protect your health against the negative effects of the cold. In a similar fashion, modern heat-pumps can be placed out of the way, can condition the air for you, work perfectly well with insulation, and can help save you thousands in the long-term.


We love the look of our traditional homes, but we also can’t avoid the benefits afforded to us by a huge range of modern technology. If you ever find yourself moving into a new place, or redecorating your old, don't overlook just how much the modern life can bring to your home. Saving space, money, and improving your overall well-being and comfort are all significant advantages which have major positive effects. Remember to not fall into the trap of traditional above all else, and you could be well on your way to happier, healthier, and more efficient life.

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