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. British billionaire Richard Branson

There’s no denying that Richard Branson is the most successful British businessman in the United Kingdom, possibly the world.

Richard’s legacy began in 1969, when he launched now global franchise Virgin from his London commune as mail-order record company in an attempt to assist with the funding of his magazine, Student, which, in its first edition, sold just over £6,000 worth of advertising. Today, Richard’s net worth is just under £4bn, the embodiment of a true British success story.

In October 2017, Richard will be releasing his second autobiography, “Finding My Virginity: The New Autobiography”, the follow up to 1998’s “Losing My Virginity: How I've Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My Way”, which sold two million copies. 2017 also coincides with Richard’s 50th year in business, making this entrepreneurial release a celebration of Richard’s success thus far.

Finding My Virginity” is an intimate and interesting fly-on-the-wall insight into the last twenty years of Britain’s most loved businessman, guiding the reader by the hand through both the professional and personal ups and downs which’ve took place over Richard’s illustrious business career, starting at a family business, reaching all the way to launching 12 different billion dollar businesses and countless more companies across a plethora of sectors.

. Richard Branson is the founder of multi-billion dollar corporation Virgin

For the first time, Richard opens up about the various professional, personal and political headlines which’ve followed his success throughout his career – topics include the tragedy at the commercial spaceline Virgin Galactic, building his life on Necker Island, the British Virgin Island which he purchased in 1978, his friendship with Barack Obama and encounters with now President of the United States, Donald Trump, all while reinventing who Richard Branson is, and continuing to develop Virgin as one of the most iconic brands of the 21st century.

Speaking about the book, Richard cites, “You can only lose your virginity once. But in every aspect of my life – building businesses, raising my family, embarking upon adventures – I try to do things for the first time every day. Finding My Virginity starts where Losing My Virginity ends, at the dawn of the new millennium. This is my account of the past two decades – how I’ve reinvented the Virgin brand, pushed boundaries, broken rules and reached for the stars in more ways than one.”

. Finding My Virginity: The New Autobiography by Richard Branson

‘Finding My Virginity’ will be published by Virgin Books, an imprint of Ebury Publishing, part of Penguin Random House UK, on 5th October 2017. Read Richard’s blog post about the book here, and follow him for updates on Facebook and Twitter #findingmyvirginity.

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