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It’s never too late to change your path, a mantra embodied by none more prominently than Peter Hall, the flagship founder of Kendal based bespoke furniture creators, Peter Hall & Son.


At the age of 50, New Zealand born Peter made the decision to leave his roots, which were dug deep in the soil of the aircraft industry, where he had served as an aeronautical engineer.   Returning to a place which he both knew and loved, Peter once again found himself in the picturesque surroundings of  Elterwater, Langdale and Staveley in the Lake District, where he would become a full-time cabinet maker. With his wife Mary, and son Jeremy in tow, Peter purchased  a plot of land with 5 timber garages in Staveley.  The garages were converted into a small workshop and Peter Hall Woodcraft, as it was then known, was born.

. Peter Hall & Son

. Peter Hall & Son

. Peter Hall & Son

But as the old adage goes, the apple never falls far from the tree…

Coincidentally, before Peter Hall Woodcraft was established, inspiration struck Jeremy whilst in the midst of his teens. At age 16, he travelled to attend the Leeds College of Art, where he would spend the next two years honing his craft, working his way towards a City & Guilds in cabinet making. With a distinction  of his efforts under his belt, Jeremy began to work with two furniture makers in Yorkshire before being offered a place at West Dean College in West Sussex. Here, Jeremy perfected his art, studying Antique Furniture Restoration, then working in Whitney, Oxfordshire for a year, Jeremy fulfilled his goal upon returning home to work in the family business. In 1979, he relocated to Kendal with his wife Diana, and Peter Hall Woodcraft now incorporated Furniture restoration and upholstery.

In Jeremy’s absence, Peter already had a pair of members of staff working under his guiding hand. Sales were on the rise, in both furniture and wooden items. However, with Jeremy came a restoration service which allowed the business to blossom, and in 1983, Jeremy began to train his own apprentice. This came in the form of 16-year-old John Griffith. Under Jeremy’s careful guidance, John became a valued member of the team, a dedicated and enthusiastic individual who evolved into a well versed and respected conservator with PACR accreditation and an MA. John would go on to be the first of many apprentices, all seeking to replicate the practical profession handed down from Peter & Jeremy.

. Peter Hall

Soon after John was welcomed to the Peter Hall family, an executive decision was made that an upholsterer was required. This essential aspect of the business came in the form of David, who was fully skilled and seasoned in the craft. Over 30 years later, David continues to furnish homes across the country, offering the finest in upholstery, as well as being able to offer a reupholstery service to ensure sofas and chairs enjoy a long and lavish lifespan.

Left to right;- Jeremy Hall and John Wynn Griffith

In 1986 Jeremy was made a partner as Peter took on a less active role and Peter Hall & Son was formed.

In the years that followed, Peter Hall & Son would dedicate part of their workshop to interior design, building a studio to deal with the final stages of the décor process. Peter Hall & Son has also had the privilege of accommodating some of the finest and most talented turners from across the United Kingdom, all rich in charisma and creativity. These pieces can be seen at the brand’s showroom, complementing the furniture on display perfectly.

. Caroline, Store Interior Designer

The business has expanded, moving the interior design studio to the High Street of Windermere and adding a lifestyle boutique.  Now headed up by Caroline, the interiors end of the business continues to get attention from the public and press for its creative and unique look.

Operating from the stunning countryside of Cumbria, Peter Hall & Son proudly offer a full service to customers and clients alike, who seek only the finest quality, design and finished product for furniture, furnishings and interior style.

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