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A bespoke service guarantees that, in whichever context it’s used, a piece is completely unique and tailored to the owner, and won’t be found anywhere else on the market.


This is an aspect of the furniture industry utilised by Peter Hall & Son to ensure the customer receives their own personal piece of furniture. In order to create this completely bespoke service, Peter Hall & Son combines the expertise of each of the Lake District brand’s specialist departments to ensure the customer’s every need is catered for. Both the design and production processes take place in-house to ensure the final product is of the highest quality, rich in a craftsman’s integrity. Peter Hall & Son’s four specialist departments are spread across furniture making, antique furniture restoration, woodturning and upholstery, all of which take place at the brand’s studio in Staveley, near Kendal, Cumbria.

When approaching these bespoke designs, customers are cared for directly by the Hall family. Director Jeremy Hall offers customers over 45 years of experience in both furniture design and hands-on making. This vast amount of knowledge of his craft and industry ensures customers receive an immaculate, flawless service when it comes to their projects. As the old adage goes, ‘the apple never falls far from the tree’ – his son William is also a qualified designer with a BA Hons in furniture and product design.


In the spirit of keeping British craftsmanship alive and well, since their early days, Peter Hall & Son have offered training and apprenticeships to budding young craftsmen across Britain. Money spent with Peter Hall & Son not only provides an exquisite service, but also supports the future of British craftsmanship that in other circumstances, sadly could die out.

The inspiration behind Peter Hall & Son’s pieces first and foremost comes from the customer. But their approach to design and aesthetics comes from a plethora of different aspects, ranging from the things the brand interacts with to experiences in the lives of Peter Hall & Son’s working lives. Speaking about the range of craftsmen and women working at Peter Hall & Son, founder Will cited, “We are a strong team, have expert design skills combined with expert bench skills. We work to such fine details to produce extraordinary and beautiful creations of a quality which can’t be recreated by machine or cheated in the making process.”

It’s completely understandable that the idea of making decisions without seeing the final outcome is an undeniably daunting concept. However, it couldn’t be safer with Peter Hall & Son. Customers are offered a wide variety of styles and choices of lighting, furniture and accessories to experience in the brand’s showroom, as well as a huge library of past designs for the customer to browse through at their leisure – this gives customers the option to follow a previous design, or adapt it to make it completely bespoke and unique.


The first step of the process is an initial consultation – this helps Peter Hall & Son to fully understand the context of what is required. Every element of a product’s design allows Peter Hall & Son to express the client’s vision and the values the brand holds dear. When done correctly, all of these details combined enhance the whole bespoke experience. The consultation allows Peter Hall & Son to create breath-taking and stunning designs exclusively for the customer. Something the brand is confident of is that, with its years of combined experience, dreams are guaranteed to become reality.

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believe that “unique luxury creations are defined by their detail.” The brand focus this detail into both the design and the making – it offers the possibilities of uniqueness and individuality. Each detail has been carefully planned to embody the spirit of the bespoke and a craftsman’s integrity to the product.


The foundations of a beautiful product lie in sourcing only the finest materials. Peter Hall & Son offer a wide array of both British and European sustainable hardwoods, as well as breath-taking veneers and a range of prestigious metals, mother of pearl, resins and glass to achieve the perfect product, and the exact look which the customer imagines.

. Peter Hall & Son

Using state of the art software, each bespoke piece is precisely modelled to create 3d rendered images to show the customer to inspire confidence in how the piece will look, this ensures every detail given by the client is included and demonstrated as it will look upon completion. Once the customer has approved the design, the technical drawings demonstrated are given to Peter Hall & Son’s head craftsmen to be assessed before production can begin. The designs are created in-house to ensure maximum quality and a smooth process from enquiry to production.

To ensure a personal relationship between the customer and the craftsman, customers are warmly invited into Peter Hall & Son’s workshops to meet the specialist team who’ll be responsible for the bespoke piece being produced. This gives the client a view of how handmade the brand’s creations are, and the skill and precision involved to ensure absolute perfection.

Bespoke can include a collaboration between the expertise of all the departments working behind the scenes at Peter Hall & Son, ranging from an inlaid rosewood line in an ash coffee table to the pattern matching of dining chair seats to the radiance of a hand polished mahogany lamp base – the only limit is your imagination!

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