Penhaligon's British Perfumers - Delving into an Alchemist's Aromatic Archives

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Penhaligons2. Penhaligon's

Established in London in 1870 by William Penhaligon, an Englishman living in a time drenched in excess and flamboyance, Penhaligon’s strive to create original aromas for the sophisticated yet extraordinary gentleman.

The brand have fully embraced the emotive power which can be unlocked by a fragrance, evoking forgotten memories and has the ability to stop us dead in our tracks and to perch on a bench somewhere down memory lane. Penhaligon’s aspire to trigger a whole spectrum of emotions through a whisper of clove, a trail of smoky incense or a creamy lick of vanilla.

Penhaligon's. Penhaligon's

Penhaligon’s story begins in the Victorian era when the brand’s first fragrance, Hammam Bouquet, was conceived in 1872 when William Penhaligon found himself enveloped in an infusion of aromas dancing through the air from his neighbouring Turkish baths. The brand continue to find inspiration in off the cuff moments and the unexpected – the strangest moments and places can give birth to fine fragrances – a magical moment, a stolen view, an idea crystallized. Over 130 years have passed since the doors of Penhaligon’s Barber Shop first opened on Jermyn Street, and William’s priceless archives of ingredients and aromas continue to inspire and inform in every aspect of Penhaligon’s as it’s known today.

Penhaligon's. Penhaligon's

The brand aspire to continue William’s legacy of innovative and eccentric fragrances, challenging the widely acknowledged traditions involved in perfumery, always pushing the boundaries of what is possible and finding new ways to interpret elegance. Working with master perfumers, Penhaligon’s bring their distinctive ideas to life, creating new sensory sensations that break the mould. Staying true to their roots, every fragrance produced by Penhaligon’s is blended in Britain using only the finest and most sought after ingredients, which include hand squeezed bergamot and jasmine at twice the price of gold.

Penhaligon's. Penhaligon's

Penhaligon’s signature fragrance bottle has remained the same since the brand’s inception – a glass bottle with a distinctive ribbon-wrapped stopper.  Today, the brand stocks over 30 different and intriguing fragrances, with each specifically designed to serve a different purpose. Soliflores, Orientals and Chypres, a plethora of striking and intense experiences that grows by the day. Penhaligon’s elegant aromas date back to 1927, many of which have been re-mastered and reinterpreted for the modern gentleman of today. “Times may change, trends may ebb and flow, but the great traditions of Penhaligon’s continue.”

Penhaligon's. Penhaligon's

Most notably, Penhaligon’s are the proud holders of two Royal Warrants, a recognition of personal service of the highest order, making them part of a list of just 850 fellow holders who are entitled to feature the title and Royal Arms. Towards the end of Queen Victoria’s reign (1876 – 1901), William was appointed Barber and Royal Perfumer to the court, and two years after Victoria’s death, Penhaligon’s was granted a Royal Warrant by Queen Alexandra. Just under a century and a half later, the brand proudly hold a duo of Royal Warrants; the first from His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh in 1956, and the second in 1988 by The Prince of Wales.

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Royal Warrants are awarded to those who have provided a service or supplied goods to Her Majesty The Queen, His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, or His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales for at least five years. These are highly prized and are widely regarded as demonstrating both excellence and quality. Penhaligon are extremely proud to be one of 850 Royal Warrant holders, and strive to fulfil the strict criteria implied by the Royal Warrant Association.

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