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Today, Paul Smith is one of the most iconic and instantly recognisable British fashion brands on the high street, found dotted across the country. But it wasn’t always this way.

Unlike most fashionistas who tell tales of how they spent many a day digging through their parent’s wardrobes, cutting up various garments and styling from an early age, Paul was not naturally drawn to fashion. He was a keen sportsman who aspired to be a professional cyclist, until an accident at the tender age of 17 left him bedbound in hospital.

While in the hospital, Paul made friends with whom he arranged to meet after his recovery. The chosen venue was a local pub, favoured by students from a nearby art college, who were passionate about artists such as Andy Warhol, while being serenaded by the sounds of The Rolling Stones and Miles Davis. It was here that Paul realised that he wanted to be a part of the colourful world of art in some form, and within two years, he was managing his first fashion boutique in Nottingham. And the rest is history.

. Paul Smith

Today, Paul Smith’s fashion legacy is spread across 66 countries, with 17 shops in England alone. Offering a vast and versatile range of products from across the fashion spectrum, when describing his brand, Paul cites, “We're a leading and uniquely British brand. We mix up one-off antiques with high quality tailoring: the chair you sit on when you buy a suit is for sale, and we can wrap the suit and have the chair waiting for you when you get home.”

The latest arrow to be added to Paul Smith’s quintessentially British quiver comes in the form of the Gauge Colour Watch Collection (£169/£179), available from Ernest Jones, Watch Shop and Selfridges. Remaining an ever-present part of his fashion empire, each watch in the Gauge Colour is signed off by Paul himself before being released for sale.


. The Paul Smith Gauge Colour Collection

Each collection is reflective of the design and colours seen in Paul Smith’s seasonal fashion ranges. The Gauge Colour Watch Collection specifically adds a twist of colour that reflects the Artist Stripe Colours.

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