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Ushiwear. Ushiwear

Since its foundation in 2008, Yorkshire based brand Ushiwear has explored various designs and products over the years, but the company proudly present their latest range, describing it as being “its best yet.”

Featuring the brand’s iconic bull’s head logo, the new range is loaded with contemporary styles inspiring customers to #weardifferent without sacrificing aspects of comfort essential for maximum enjoyment.

Ushiwear - behind the scenes on the new collection

Infusing brand new designs, one piece being the first ever Ushiwear cycling jacket, with old favourites in a vast array of new colours, the SS16 menswear collection features an eye-catching ‘script tee’, which is available in shades of cardinal red, white and military green, as well as the fan favourite UW series.

Serving as a t-shirt for all occasions, whether you’re surfing, hiking, biking, or just having a chilled afternoon with friends, Ushiwear offer the perfect pieces to tie together any outfit.

ushiwear2. Ushiwear

Simplicity is key, as a number of entrepreneurs in a variety of creative industries will no doubt agree with, and this is utilized in the form of one of the first ever designs created by founder Jilly Kapusi, in the form of the Ushi block tee, available in an endless array of colours. Speaking about the shirt, Jilly commented “The block tee was one of the first ever designs I committed to when I launched the brand back in 2008, but for one reason and another I’ve been holding onto it and only released it as part of the range a few months ago. It’s lovely to see it finally be able to see it come to life on a t-shirt, and it’s a wonderful reminder of when we were just starting out and how far we have come.

ushiwear4. Ushiwear

Boldly venturing into new areas of the fashion industry, the Cycle Ushi Super Glow Jacket is truly a one of a kind piece, serving as the brand’s first outerwear garment. Made from super reflective silver material, the Cycle Ushi Super Glow Jacket glistens in the sun and shines brightly at night, making it perfect for jogging, cycling, whether you’re attending a festival or just want to make a fashion statement.

With maximum comfort in mind, it comes as no surprise that Ushiwear’s ‘Jog On’ joggers have been a regular top seller since their inception. Today, Ushiwear offer these in shades of charcoal and a blend of charcoal and black. Made especially for the ‘feel good’ factor, ‘Jog On’ joggers are available in heather grey, black, and heather grey and black.

Ushiwear. Ushiwear

Another classic Ushiwear design is the Big Bull sweatshirt, a piece available both in-store and online, with the new range featuring the unisex sweatshirt in three new luxurious colours; cranberry, airforce blue and heather grey.

Speaking about the collection, Jilly Kapusi added, “We have been working so hard on this new collection and we are over the moon with how it’s turned out and the reaction we have got so far. We’re designing new products all the time and always looking to the future and what’s in store for Ushiwear.”

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