Moorcroft Pottery: Tales of Twilight

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. Moorcroft - Handmade in England for Collectors around the world.

The history of Stoke-based pottery firm Moorcroft stems all the way back to 1897, when 24 year old William Moorcroft provided designs for ceramics company, James Macintyre & Co. He personalised each piece created by his hand with his own signature or initial, which did little for Moorcroft’s reputation, and in 1913, after just 16 years in business, the inevitable split occurred. Undeterred, Moorcroft took his craftsmen across Cobridge Park to Moorcroft’s current location, a factory in Sandbach Road, and the rest is history...

Emma Bossons joined the Moorcroft family at the tender age of 20 as a young and aspiring ceramics artist. Since then, Bossons’ work has become increasingly popular with collectors. Since the beginning of the collaboration, Bossons work has found its way all over the world, with the Hepatica range being met with success in 2000. The following year, Bossons created The Queen’s Choice, which has proved to be a best seller since its release. In 2002, Bossons’ Golden Jubilee design was judged to be high enough quality for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to approve the use of the Royal Cypher on the base of each piece in the collection, with a piece being taken into the Royal Collection.

emmabossons. Emma Bossons

Bossons’ latest offering comes in the form of the creepily-named ‘Tales of Twilight’.

It could be argued that ‘Tales of Twilight’ is the ‘intriguing sequel’ to the 2007 Moorcroft creation, ‘Peggy’s House’, a piece which Bosson describes as a particular favourite and one she holds dear within her own collection.

The original Peggy's House. The original Peggy's House

Peggy’s House depicts a cottage hidden in the overbearing foliage of an imaginary forest, where a maze of tree trunks and branches ‘allow the morning light to dance.’ This year, Bossons wanted to plunge Peggy’s House into the world of Grimm Fairy Tales, almost putting a Tim Burton-esque spin on the original piece. In ‘Tales of Twilight’, a strange yet inviting tangerine glow welcomes a weary traveller through the surreal tones of silver birch trees. As plumes of smoke ascend into the trees, confusion reigns down onto the mind. Is this smoke, an endless canopy of trees or something else? Something supernatural?

Like the greats of the genre – Stephen King, Bram Stoker and Anne Rice – Bossons tells a story of suspense and intrigue. Will the traveller arrive to hear the Tales of Twilight? Or will he be the tale himself? Emma Bossons invites us to dine at this Cabin in the Woods, lavished in mysterious grey and silver hues. The Stoke-based company describe ‘Tales of Twilight’ as being ‘Evocative Moorcroft at its best.’

Tales of Twilight. Tales of Twilight

Limited to 100 pieces, orders for ‘Tales of Twilight’ made before the 31st July 2016 will be priced at £400, after which the price will rise to its RRP of £490. To order yours, email [email protected]

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