Million Dollar Gold Coin

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Million Dollar Gold Coin - GoldCore

in Canada

GoldCore was founded in 2003 by Mark O’Byrne in Dublin, Ireland, and currently find themselves at the top of the list of the UK’s largest and most trusted gold brokers. Serving UK clients from their London office since 2005, GoldCore have become one of the leading and most highly regarded gold brokers in the UK.

Regularly having their say in national papers across the UK, GoldCore’s representatives have been cited and interviewed by the Financial Times, the Telegraph, Money Week, and the BBC to name a few. No stranger to foreign shores, their expertise is frequently featured in international media such as CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, Associated Press, Reuters etc and take part in the Bloomberg and CNBC Gold Surveys and the Reuters Precious Metals Poll.

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Million Dollar Gold Coin - GoldCore

With over 4,500 clients with over $110 million in assets under management and storage, the company offers mass-affluent and institutional investors, including financial advisers and family offices, gold and silver bullion coins and large bars for delivery and storage in the most safe and secure vaults, in the most trustworthy jurisdictions the world has to offer.

In 2007, The Royal Canadian Mint made financial headlines across the country when they minted the largest, the purest and one of the rarest gold coins in the world, and the world's first ‘million dollar coin.’

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Million Dollar Gold Coin - GoldCore

With a $1 million face value, the 100 kg, 99.999% pure gold bullion coin was originally conceived as a unique showpiece. To date, just five of these majestic bullion coins, weighing 100 kilos or 3,215 troy ounces each, have been produced.

The coins were created by the renowned Royal Canadian Mint, operating world-class refineries, as well as minting Canadian bullion coin products, which includes the ever popular Canadian Maple Leaf gold and silver bullion coins (0.9999 pure or 24 karat).

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Million Dollar Gold Coin - GoldCore

Celebrated Canadian portrait artist Susanna Blunt created a coin with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II portrait on the obverse side. The piece’s reverse features an elegant hand-polished maple leaf design by Royal Canadian Mint artist, which is a collaboration with engraver, Stan Witten.


Face value: $1,000,000

Composition: 99999 fine gold

Weight (in troy oz.): 3,215

Weight (kg): 100

Coins in existence worldwide: 5

Coins currently for sale worldwide: 1

Combining craftsmanship and artistry, this incredible coin embodies the unprecedented technical achievement of 99.999% purity in gold bullion. Likely to become a collector’s item in the coming years, these stunning five pieces command both a premium not only for their gold bullion content, but also for being incredibly rare and sought after.

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have secured one of the Royal Canadian Mint’s Million Dollar Gold Coins and are offering this unique, pristine and beautiful gold coin to clients for delivery or secure storage. GoldCore have exclusive rights to the sales of the coin in the UK and Ireland.

Own a piece of history – the largest, the purest and one of the rarest gold coins in the world.

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