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Grzegorz Majka. Grzegorz Majka

For centuries, interior design has been a thriving industry in homes all over the world. Styles and themes vary from country to country, changing with the times, but one aspect remains the same – that we take great pride in the way we decorate our homes; this importance never flounders.

Keeping this tradition alive is MGM Project, who actively support the stonemason industry by developing the boundaries of what is possible, while pursuing innovative projects using natural materials with which we have been gifted.

MGM Project

was organised with budding and potential stonemasons in mind. The brand prioritises endless collaboration with both interior designers and architects alike, resulting in pieces which are fashionable yet functional, and timeless in nature. Priding itself on its bespoke nature and with a dedication to absolute perfection, these qualities embody the MGM Project. Every piece produced is pristine and of the highest quality, utilizing only the finest stone or wood. This innovative ethos allows natural materials to take on effects that surpass even the wildest dreams of today’s craftsman.


mgm-project-grzegorz2. MGM Project

The MGM Project is overseen by Grzegorz Majka, a stonemason with 12 years of experience in his field. Grzegorz’s path into the world of stone was carved by his uncle, Adam Niessner, the founder of Budonis Sp. Adam left a lasting impression on Grzegorz, something for which he describes as being “grateful for life”, conceiving a lifelong love of stone. Beginning his journey into the world of stonemasonry, Grzegorz harnessed an arsenal of methods and techniques to create the foundations of the MGM Project, traits which he has described as being “extremely valuable.” Grzegorz gained vital experience through participation in work relating to the installation of stone elements, as well as supervising various creative projects.

After many years of loving labour, Grzegorz made the decision to start his own brand, and the MGM Project was born. Within this, Grzegorz expanded his horizons beyond the boundaries of what stonemasonry allows, searching for new solutions and applications for natural materials. Through a thorough process of ‘trial and error’, the MGM Project utilise materials including glass and wood alongside their signature stone to create a stunning and unique collection of furniture, designed specifically for only the most elite, special clients.


MGM Project. MGM Project

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