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Highgrove. Highgrove

Highgrove serves as the private domicile of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall.  Over the last 35 years, the sovereign duo have turned the estate’s grounds into a plethora of beautiful and unique, ever changing gardens which weave and wind their way around the noble house. Recently, the Royal residence has been blessed with another figure of nobility...

Introducing the newest member of the Royal family - George.

Commissioned by Highgrove, this terrific teddy bear was lovingly handmade by Merrythought, who sadly find themselves as the last remaining teddy bear manufacturer in Britain. Based in Ironbridge, Shropshire, a location listed in World Heritage sites, the brand have been producing British teddy bears since their inception in 1930.

merrythought. Women handstitching teddy bears in Merrythought Factory

George is quintessentially British by his very being, the embodiment of sovereign and a must for teddy bear collectors and Royal enthusiasts everywhere. Limited to a batch of just 250, George is sure to be a well cherished family treasure. Sewn meticulously by hand, George has been blessed with a soft-stitched nose and elegantly sumptuous, which have been embroidered with the Royal signet, the Highgrove feathers. With fully jointed limbs, George springs to life, dressed in an immaculate golden mohair coat and an undeniably stylish and prestigious satin bow tie around his neck, emblazoned with the Highgrove name.


A true gift, George arrives on the customer’s doorstep preserved in a Merrythought collector’s box, and makes for a perfect gift for a child or to become a family heirlume to be passed down from generation to generation. George can be purchased from or by visiting one of the few Highgrove stores in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol, or on the Highgrove Estate itself.

George the Highgrove Teddy Bear has been given a RRP of £99.95. All profits from the sale of products, tours and events are donated to The Prince of Wales' Charitable Foundation.

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