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Mayfair Granite. Mayfair Granite

With over 25 years of experience in the stone industry, Mayfair Granite are one of the leading producers of granite workshops in Britain. Specialising in granite and quartz worktops, the brand design and manufacture these worktops to the highest standards of design, dressing the surfaces of kitchens, restaurants and bars across the country. Renowned for their spectacular and unrivalled finish, this level of masonry can only be achieved with exceptional skill and precision machinery which pushes the boundaries of what is possible within the granite industry.

Mayfair Granite

recently conducted a survey which revealed that a quarter of potential house buyers are often discouraged from buying a property by small kitchens. For many, the kitchen is seen as being ‘the hub’ of the house; a place where friends and family get together and share food and conversation. However, as houses continue to get smaller, sadly this trend seems to be dying a slow death.

A study conducted by asked over 1,000 UK residents aged 18 or over who were surveying the market in search of a new home what put them off in the kitchen when deciding whether or not to make an offer on the house. The results showed that kitchen size was often the determining factor, with a lack of natural light featuring on the list. Other aspects raised in the survey included grease and fat stains and a lack of storage space.

Mayfair Granite. Mayfair Granite

The survey asked; “What do you find most off-putting in a kitchen when buying a new house?” Respondents could choose from the following factors;

  • Kitchen Size (too small), which received 25% of votes
  • Grease/fat stains/mould, which received 20%
  • No natural light, which received 17%
  • Lack of storage, which received 13%
  • Outdated cabinets and worktops, which received 10%
  • Awkward kitchen layouts, which received 8%
  • Broken fixtures and fittings, which received 7%

Mayfair Granite

were able to deduce that Londoners were more likely to be put off because of a small kitchen, and that a fifth of the city’s residents were put off by a lack of daylight. 18% of Londoners stated that grease and fat stains would make them reconsider putting an offer on a property.

The participants of this survey who chose out of date cabinets and worktops and an awkward kitchen layout cited that they were more likely to offer a lower price, even if they liked the house on a whole. Some even stated they would offer up to £15,000 lower than the asking price if the kitchen needed replacing.

Mayfair Granite. Mayfair Granite

Mayfair Granite director Neil Beard commented on the results, “From the survey, it’s plain to see that people still regard the kitchen as one of the most important rooms in the house when it comes to buying a property, and in many cases a bad kitchen can put people off putting in an offer entirely. In this volatile housing market, it is important that home sellers create the right impression to potential buyers. Home sellers cannot do anything about the size of their kitchen, but simple things like cleaning the kitchen, removing any clutter and fixing broken fixtures and fittings can make a big difference to potential buyers and can help them achieve an offer on or as close to the asking price as possible.” 

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