Luggage for Summer – Leon Flam, CabinZero, Vocier, Rimowa

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Summer is finally here!

It’s time to drop everything and get away for a nice bit of R&R.

Now, in the modern age, there are a great amount of people who travel more than just at summertime – indeed, there are more and more people out there that practically live out of a suitcase.

Signified by the recent announcement of an expansion of Heathrow Airport - be it for work or pleasure, more than ever, people are grabbing their cases and jetting off around the world.

So what do you get the person who lives out of their luggage? Well – you get them luggage – of course!

With some wonderful travel suggestions - the dedicated team of fashion experts at Kensington Bespoke have sourced some of the finest luggage brands to cater for any kind of summertime sojourn.

Leon Flam – Aviso Bag in Olive

Leon Flam - Aviso Bag (Olive colour).

Leon Flam - Aviso Bag (Olive colour) available from Kensington Bespoke

Made from heavy olive canvas and tan leather, this snappy hold all, complete with dazzling red inner lining is inspired by the first ever aviators and is tailored to handle the well travelled pilot lifestyle. After all, who could be more well travelled than a pilot?

CabinZero Classic in Urban Camo

CabinZero Classic 28L (Urban Camo colour).

CabinZero Classic 28L (Urban Camo colour) available from Kensington Bespoke

For those who like to venture off the beaten path, this travel bag boasts a built in global luggage tracker and claims to be the perfect adventurers companion.

It has been designed by seasoned back-packers and new age explorers with specific durability and comfort needs in mind. It’s also pretty much suited to any environment you can find yourself in.

Vocier F38 Cabin Case in Brown

Vocier F38 Cabin Case (Brown colour).

Vocier F38 Cabin Case (Brown colour) available from Kensington Bespoke

Now this is swish!

Vocier claim that each piece of their luggage is “a world-class travel companion for global leaders” – and if you were to take a look at this cabin case – I’m sure you would agree that Vocier certainly do have weight to their claims.

The compartmentalization of this piece is in itself a feat of engineered mastery, but even more striking than that is the fine-leather exterior. Predominantly aimed at the short stay business traveller, it would be a travesty to take this piece on anything other than a private charter.

Rimowa Topas

Rimowa Topas Multiwheel Electronic Tag 82L.

Rimowa Topas Multiwheel Electronic Tag 82L available from Kensington Bespoke

It just wouldn't be an apt luxury luggage guide without something made for the long haul.

This delightful electronic tag multi-wheel heavy case manages to combine high-tech security with a great metallic aesthetic. These cases are hugely popular across the world’s elite travellers and the reason for that must go down to their timeless appeal. Every inch of these cases looks incredibly efficient– and this visible efficiency effectively creates a style in itself. It makes you realise the true quality found in Rimowa luggage.

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