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Loretto School

Loretto is a small school with a big heart, passionate about ambition. Founded in 1827, Loretto School is located in a spacious campus just outside Edinburgh, Scotland. Priding itself on being one of Scotland’s leading independent coeducational schools, the esteemed establishment houses boarding and day school pupils aged from birth to 18.

Infusing both traditional and unique, innovative methods of education, the finest facilities and the advantages offered by a smaller school combine to provide a rounded learning experience for boys and girls alike. The advantages of teaching on a smaller scale can clearly be seen with Loretto pupils’ exam results.

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Speaking at length about the family feel utilized by Loretto School, Headmaster Dr Graham Hawley explains,

“There are two strong advantages of being a smaller school – firstly, everyone knows everyone else so there is a real sense of being part of an extended family; and secondly, every child has many chances to try different things. In a larger school, you can become defined by one thing, whether it is musical talent or sporting skill. Here, while of course you are celebrated for what you are good at, you are also encouraged to have a go at everything else and it doesn’t matter if you are not instantly successful. That’s what being part of a family is all about.”

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Loretto School

Celebrating recent exam success, 91.6 per cent of pupils at Loretto School passed their GCSEs and 38% of the Upper Sixth gained straight A* or A grades at A-level.

Speaking of these achievements, Dr Hawley cited

“I’m delighted by our examination success once again but what is also significant is our ranking in the top seven percent of schools in the UK for ‘value-added’ at A-level. Helping every child to reach their full potential is at the heart of what we do and, as a smaller school, with smaller class sizes and an ethos of inclusion and support, we are perfectly placed to achieve that here at Loretto.”

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Loretto School

Loretto School

’s teaching methods place emphasis on the individual and encourages pupils to study independently, learn at their own speed and most importantly, to think for themselves – a vital aspect of university life. The central curriculum combines a vast plethora of academic and cultural activities. The endless range of opportunities offered outside of the classroom ensures that each pupil can grow and develop, wherever their interests and talents may lie.

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Loretto School

The school’s achievements in the creative arts, including music, art and drama, dance to name a few, and its outstanding reputation in sporting endeavours – rugby, hockey, cricket, lacrosse and golf amongst others – are a firm statement to support that.

Loretto’s Golf Academy is world-renowned and its state of-the-art Indoor Golf Centre was officially opened on October 5 by Sam Torrance.

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Loretto School

Dr Hawley added,

“This is tremendously exciting for the school as we endeavour to extend our recruiting reach and cement our position as the country’s leading golf school. All our children learn to play – and they do say if you can learn to play golf on a Scottish links course, you can play anywhere.”

In the new academic year, Loretto will see new subjects added to the curriculum – A levels in psychology and religious studies, plus computer science and Mandarin will all be available to pupils.

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Loretto School

Speaking on these additions, Dr Hawley commented,

“With changes to the curriculum and the opening of the Indoor Golf Centre, there are exciting times and much evolutionary change ahead for Loretto. But at its heart, the school is unchanged since it was founded in 1827 because of the rounded education and nurturing and stimulating environment we provide to all of our pupils at Loretto.”

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