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Kensington Bespoke.

Kensington Bespoke


Whether it’s a business event, a night on the town with friends or simply a stroll through the town centre on a sunny afternoon, today’s modern woman needs to both look and feel the part. Versatile as ever, online sophistication superstore Kensington Bespoke, ran by CEO Imran Khan, stock a vast array of luxury brands, perfect for tying any outfit together.


Kensington Bespoke

offer a plethora of distinguished and elegant goods from companies all over Europe. These are handpicked by the team behind the London company, who have over 60 years of experience working within the luxury industry. Brands chosen radiate authenticity, and embody the spirit of both heritage and dedication. We look at just three of the hundreds of distinguished luxury brands available at the online superstore.


Kensington Bespoke - Ettinger London.
Kensington Bespoke - Ettinger London

Kensington Bespoke - Ettinger London Tote Bag in Black.
Kensington Bespoke - Ettinger London Tote Bag in Black

Kensington Bespoke - Ettinger London Tote Bag in Havana.
Kensington Bespoke - Ettinger London Tote Bag in Havana

Sharing a story of heritage and success, Kensington Bespoke proudly stock a number of Ettinger bags, a brand proud of its British heritage. Ettinger Bags date back to 1934 when founder and travelling enthusiast Gerry Ettinger began designing and handcrafting beautifully extravagant authentic leather bags, which are still manufactured in the UK to this day. Aspiring to share these values, Kensington Bespoke stock the historic brand, offering their high end clientele the same dedication. Tote bags are common place in today’s society, favoured for their lightweight aesthetic, deep enough to carry everything a woman needs throughout the day, while sitting conveniently over the shoulder. Understanding that practicality is key, Kensington Bespoke offer Ettinger Tote Bags in shades of both havana and black, blending effortlessly into any outfit.

Kensington Bespoke - Fox Umbrellas Animal Head Handle Umbrella in Black

Kensington Bespoke - Fox Umbrellas Animal Head Handle Umbrella in Black

Kensington Bespoke - Fox Umbrellas

With the last days of the British summer drawing to a close, it won’t be long before winter’s cold embrace sets in. With this in mind, it’s always important to be prepared – British weather can unfortunately strike at any time. A traditional aesthetic when the heavens open calls for an umbrella – it’s a scene that’s easily recognisable, utilized across a number of mediums from the canvas to the silver screen – a busy street under a blanket of rain, as crowds hustle and bustle to get home, almost hidden under a tessellation of umbrellas. And who better to provide shelter than Fox Umbrellas, a British brand stemming all the way back to the days of Queen Victoria, proudly made in Britain throughout Fox’s illustrious history. This heritage is something Kensington Bespoke want to share with clientele and customers alike, stocking the Surrey-based brand to ensure women are kept dry in the most unpredictable summer showers. Stylish in their aesthetic, Fox Umbrellas radiate sophistication, making them the perfect accessory for the wetter months.

Johnstons of Elgin - Black Stewart.
Kensington Bespoke - Johnstons of Elgin

Johnstons of Elgin - Black Stewart.
Kensington Bespoke - Johnstons of Elgin in Black Stewart

Kensington Bespoke - Johnstons of Elgin.
Kensington Bespoke - Johnstons of Elgin

An aspect of the winter that many people welcome with open arms is the colder weather, meaning it’s time to dig out all the jumpers and sweaters that were exiled to the bottom of the wardrobe as the summer took over. Whether it’s scarves, cashmere, or the thickest knitted jumpers, Kensington Bespoke offer everything to keep the cold at bay. One such brand is that of Scottish brand Johnstons of Elgin, whose legacy stems back over 200 years, established in 1797. Still operating from its original location on the banks of the River Lossie, the brand is run by the collaboration of the Johnston and the Harrison family. The brand utilizes a team of devoted craftspeople with almost 50 years of experience in creating the finest woven and knitwear products, with techniques passed down through generations. This commitment to quality, combined with the brand’s reputation as the only manufacturer in Scotland to maintain the capability of taking natural fibres from their natural raw state through every step of the process, makes Johnstons of Elgin an essential aspect of the Kensington Bespoke repertoire, cutting no corners in offering the finest and most authentic brands on the market today.

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