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Kensington Bespoke.

Kensington Bespoke

With more and more high net worth individuals and CEOs traversing the globe in search of business and fellow brands to work with, bags and luggage become a necessity. These in turn must both look the part to portray a message of professionalism as well as preserve the accessories and clothes of the globetrotter in pristine condition, ensuring that the wearer both looks and feels their best.

Imran Khan, CEO of online bespoke luxury superstore Kensington Bespoke, understands the requirements of his clientele and customers alike, offering everything the everyday businessman requires for exotic escapades seeking out success. Priding themselves on being a ‘family business’, Kensington Bespoke embody their 30 years of experience in every aspect of their service from customer interest to doorstep delivery. Radiating its luxurious aura across its opulent client base, ‘Kensington Bespoke is where the age of style, chic and elegance lives online.’

Kensington Bespoke: Globe-Trotter Spectre 007 Attache Case Navy/Black.

Kensington Bespoke

: Globe-Trotter Spectre 007 Attache Case Navy/Black

Kensington Bespoke: Globe-Trotter Spectre 007 Navy Billfold Wallet.

Kensington Bespoke

: Globe-Trotter Spectre 007 Navy Billfold Wallet

When one visits the online luxury store’s website, a sense of luxury is instantly portrayed, with the brand’s logo, dressed in a rich gold standing out against a white background, connoting the sense that this is a shopping experience like no other. Speaking passionately about his brand, Imran Khan the CEO of Kensington Bespoke, described how the logo ‘reflects the age and style of the 1930’s Art Deco period.’

Kensington Bespoke

’s catalogue includes a vast array of the finest brands, many of whom manufacture their luxury products right here in Britain. These include but are not limited to Johnstons of Elgin, Ettinger, Fox Umbrellas, Globe-Trotter, who created a luxurious attaché case as featured in 2015 Bond adventure, ‘Spectre’, and many more opulent brands from overseas. These are all carefully chosen to embody the spirit of Kensington Bespoke’s curated selection, and truly justify the term ‘bespoke.’ The team at Kensington Bespoke have 60 years collective experience in the luxury market, ensuring only the best is on offer.


Kensington Bespoke: Il Bisonte Leather Cabin Case.

Kensington Bespoke

: Il Bisonte Leather Cabin Case

Kensington Bespoke: Globe-Trotter Cruise 21″ Trolley Case.

Kensington Bespoke

: Globe-Trotter Cruise 21? Trolley Case

Kensington Bespoke: Ettinger Sterling Wallet in Black & Purple.

Kensington Bespoke

: Ettinger Sterling Wallet in Black & Purple

Knowing exactly what high net worth clientele looks for in pieces, products on offer at Kensington Bespoke are all made by hand in Great Britain, making their sophisticated stock eloquent of only the best quintessentially British craftsmanship. This handmade approach also creates almost a personal relationship between Kensington Bespoke and the customer, where the customer is a valued client. A hands on approach and attention to intricacy, many would argue, adds an unrivalled value with which mass production simply cannot compete. Split into ‘him’ and ‘her’ categories, finding exactly what you’re looking for has never been easier.

With a sophisticated and stylish range of products including leather cabin cases, travel bags, business card holders, wallets and limited edition pieces, Kensington Bespoke offer everything the modern businessman could ever need. Inviting customers to ‘join us on a journey of discovery’, Kensington Bespoke offer free same day or next day delivery, providing ‘the ultimate bespoke service’ in both a prompt and professional manner.

Kensington Bespoke: Il Bisonte 45th Anniversary Tote Bag.

Kensington Bespoke

: Il Bisonte 45th Anniversary Tote Bag

Kensington Bespoke: Il Bisonte Foldable Travel Bag.

Kensington Bespoke

: Il Bisonte Foldable Travel Bag

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Kensington Bespoke


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