Jaguar XF - British Quality Reigns Supreme

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jaguar-xf-award. Jaguar at 2016 Golden Steering Wheel Awards with the Jaguar XF and F-PACE

Jaguar XF stole the show at the 2016 Golden Steering Wheel Awards, Germany’s top car award ceremony.

The 41st annual ceremony of its name, The Golden Steering Wheel Awards featured 36 new models competing across 6 categories. In the first round, readers of Auto Express and its sister publication Auto Bild in over twenty countries, as well as readers of weekly Sunday Bild am Sontag, selected their favourites. Once these votes were counted up, 24 finalists were left. These 24 models were then put through their paces by a plethora of racing drivers, chief editors, designers and other car experts. Aspects of the cars analysed ranged from driving dynamics to connectivity to designs and operating costs.

In the Mid-Full-Size category, the Jaguar XF walked away victorious, voted “Best Saloon”, prevailing over the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the Volvo S90. However, this was not the end of the British car company’s triumph, where the F-PACE, Jaguar’s first performance SUV and their fastest selling vehicle ever, was awarded second place in the Large SUV category.

jaguar-xf-white. Jaguar XF

jaguar-xf-interiors. Jaguar XF

But what sets the Jaguar XF apart?

A combination of things. The car embodies an endless sense of unrivalled design, luxury, technology and efficiency, supported by revolutionary driving dynamics and refinement. Recent additions to the Jaguar XF include all-wheel drive, which makes cruising in any weather conditions effortless, while boasting exceptional total cost of ownership. The Jaguar XF’s residual values and running costs define the modern luxury car.

Accepting the Golden Steering Wheel on behalf of the Jaguar XF, Dr Ralf Speth, CEO at Jaguar Land Rover, proudly stated, “Winning this prestigious Golden Steering Wheel award in the most demanding automotive market and the toughest premium segment in the world, means a lot to Jaguar Land Rover. The Golden Steering wheel confirms all the efforts of the Jaguar Land Rover team in delivering special, solid products with distinct character that excite the senses. I want to thank the experienced readers and seasoned expert jury for their appraisal – and especially the JLR team.

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