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Bremont Jaguar MK II. Bremont Jaguar MK II

The Bremont Watch Company is an Award winning British luxury watchmaker based in Henley on Thames, England. Bremont was founded in 2002 by brothers Nick and Giles English, the Co-Founders of the company, crafting intricate, stunning chronometers which utilize a signature aviation aesthetic.

Nick and Giles spent much of their childhood building a plethora of things, such as models and restoring cars in their multi talented father, Euan English’s workshop, who had been an RAF pilot with a PHD in Aeronautical Engineering. He also had a deep love of mechanical timepieces, which inspired the English brothers to spend their lives crafting breath taking mechanical devices, with Euan’s passion for the craft living on in the timeless curve of a Bremont chronometer.

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The Bremont Jaguar MK II

The company’s designs are inspired by a passion for flying historic aircraft, with the English brothers avid pilots of old planes, combined with a love of watches and all things mechanical. To ensure absolute perfection, Bremont chronometers are tested above and beyond the standard call of duty. Bremont are one of the few companies offering a 3 year warranty on all products, each of which is COSC certified (Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres – the official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute). Exact, reliable, and durable, each Bremont chronometer is put together by hand, and made in limited numbers, radiating elegance and exclusivity.

In February of 2015, Bremont and multinational car manufacturer announced two watch collaborations; the Bremont Jaguar Mark I, and the Bremont Jaguar Mark II, which made their global debut at the Baselworld watch show the following month. The two iconic British luxury brands have confirmed their partnership which has spanned over decades after an incredible response to six Bremont chronometers being created, complimenting each of the six ‘continuation’ lightweight E-Type racing cars built by Jaguar.

Left, The Bremont Jaguar Mk I. Right The Bremont Jaguar Mk II. Left, The Bremont Jaguar Mk I. Right The Bremont Jaguar Mk II

The Bremont Jaguar Mark I and Mark II were built in homage to the Jaguar E-Type, which at its launch in 1961, was not only the fastest production car in the world, but according to Enzo Ferrari, also the most beautiful. To capture the E-Type’s essence in a timepiece, Jaguar’s Director of Design Ian Callum paid careful attention to one iconic specific feature of the E-Type – its dashboard. At the heart of the Bremont Jaguar Mark I and II are the speedometer and rev counter; the two features that inspired these immaculate chronometers, with both placed in the centre of the clockface of the Mark II.

The Bremont Jaguar Mark II carries a nostalgic feel of the golden era of 1960’s sports car motoring, with its black dial featuring the Jaguar heritage logo above the six o’clock position and hour markings designed to imitate the style of numerals found on E-type speedometers and rev counters. With two sub dials at the three o’clock and nine o’clock positions, the classic chronograph layout is maintained through the use of the gorgeously decorated BE-50AE automatic movement, which has been specifically customised by Bremont to a bespoke specification, a thin red line on the 60 minute counter face – a tip of the cap to the E-Type’s tachymeter.

The Bremont Jaguar Mk I. The Bremont Jaguar Mk I

The stainless steel case, measuring in at an intricate 43mm, is fitted with a double domed crystal to emphasise the vintage, classic appearance of the watch and is made exclusively in the UK by Bremont, utilizing its signature, three part ‘Trip Trick’ technology, ensuring a hardness seven times greater than a normal steel watch. The Bremont Jaguar Mark II again pays tribute to the E-Type with its automatic ‘steering wheel’-esque winding wheel, similar to the style of the Mark I which is visible through a sapphire black crystal case back. More influences the E-Types have had on the architecture of the Mark II include the ‘tyre tread’ winding crown, topped with the Jaguar heritage logo to match the dial.

Both Mark I and Mark II watches are produced on a perforated ‘racing’ strap to embody the 60’s, with a leather spare to suit the wearer’s tastes.

The Bremont Jaguar MK I Watch. The Bremont Jaguar MK I

When asked about these two opulent pieces of history, Jaguar Director of Design cited that “Like the Bremont watch we designed to complement the Special GT, or ‘Lightweight’ E-Type continuation cars, the MKI and MKII pieces had to capture the spirit of what is undoubtedly one of the most iconic sports cars of all time in a subtle and intelligent way. The result is a pair of watches which subtly relay some of the codes of the E-Type, but which are also easy to recognise as having been created with the car in mind. They simply look absolutely right when you wear them in the driving seat - almost as if they had been designed alongside the car back in the ‘60s.”

Bremont Co-Founder Giles English, who believes these chronometers have been built to pay homage to the Jaguar E-Type and to satisfy a remarkable global demand, added “When we worked with Ian to create the strictly limited edition of six watches to complement the Lightweight continuation cars, we had no idea that it would lead to a call from so many of the world’s E-Type owners and enthusiasts for a similar watch which was more accessibly priced and more widely available. The feedback was so positive and widespread, however, that we decided to find a way of incorporating the look of those iconic E-Type Smiths instruments into a pair of everyday watches. Although neither the MKI nor the MKII are limited edition pieces, there will be limited annual production so they will always remain as special as the cars that inspired them. They are certainly very meaningful to us, not least because they mark the formalisation of Bremont’s partnership with Jaguar, which means we shall be working closely with Ian and the design team on future projects in the long-term.”

Bremont store in London, where the Bremont Jaguar watches can be found. Bremont store

The Bremont Jaguar Mk I is available at £8,450.00.

The Bremont Jaguar Mk II is available at £4,950.00.

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