Integrity. Strength. Elegance. Passion. Gruhme.

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gruhme luxury fragrance. Gruhme


“Gruhme is a brand that has its own distinct way of going about things and a commitment to bringing that approach to those people who appreciate the finer details.”


Launched in December 2013, Gruhme is the brainchild of former corporate lawyer, Rob Hallmark. But how did a corporate lawyer find himself in the beauty industry?

Gruhme. Gruhme


“Without a doubt a chance trip to Grasse in France (world's capital for fragrance) brought me into contact with the seeds of an idea for a male fragrance. That was back in 2002 but the experience stuck with me ever since. There were incredibly talented people working out there and whilst we were only mucking around buying perfumes for girlfriends back home it struck me that this was actually quite a noble and sophisticated art which had been reduced to corporate saturation back home and elsewhere. Fast forward 10 years and after many thoughts of other business ideas, I finally decided to start my own male fragrance brand in the image I felt was still missing in lots of the male market, clean, simple, sophisticated.”


gruhme luxury fragrance. Gruhme

No stranger to success, in its short two year career, the brand has already collected the Best Men’s Fragrance in the Men’s Grooming category at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2016 and has featured in publications including ShortList, Men’s Health and GQ to name a few. Their sophisticated and stylish products has seen the brand work in collaboration with names including but not limited to the iconic Morgan Motor Company and Hyatt Presidential Suites, where Gruhme’s elegant reed diffusers are often noted, and on the tables of the finest Michelin star restaurants.

Gruhme Mens fragrance. Rob Hallmark, Founder and CEO of Gruhme


“I’ve started on a journey, it’s a 20-year project to become a household name, something to relish and enjoy: not just to make a quick profit and to disappear. Some of the best-selling fragrances are ones that have been around for a long time so it counts to get it right.”


Gruhme. Gruhme

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