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Over the past few months, The Foxley Docket has collaborated with luxury London-based interior brand HCI London on a variety of sophisticated home accessories, ranging from duvets to finials to curtains. This month, we explore their range of bespoke handmade wool and silk contemporary rugs.

In the words of the Coen brothers’ 1998 cult favourite, The Big Lebowski, “that rug really tied the room together.” Walter’s words of wisdom certainly embody the appeal of a rug, which blend effortlessly into the colour scheme of your home, adding the pièce de résistance to any living room, bedroom or boardroom.

HCI London’s latest offering comes from Italian fashion designer, Gianfranno Ferre, in the form of the Noor Collection. Dressed in an exotic aesthetic, the Noor range features a bespoke collection including the Black Leopard and the Savana.

. HCI Interiors

The Noor collection by Gianfranno Ferre, available from HCI London, embodies the spirit of a wild feline, basking in the sunset. This exotic image is created through the use of white, black and a tasteful shade of off white, all of which come together to form a silhouette against the African sun. Oak, Blue Lake and Granite all belong to the purest dimensions, synonymous with nature and its imprint. These shades tastefully complement their accompanying backdrops, creating magmatic, irregular and blurry shapes.

The Stairs design is reminiscent of the Optical art, reproduced in shades of grey and orange. Meanwhile, the Soul design embodies the notion of beauty in simplicity, dressed in a classical aesthetic. Deco also takes on a simple approach, blending harmoniously into any environment, sure to “really tie the room together.”


The latest addition to HC’s sophisticated roster comes in the form of the ‘Sparkles’ collection, made with Swarovski elements.

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