HCI Interiors - Redefining 'Glam Metal'

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. HCI Interiors - Luxury metallic wallcoverings

With over 20 years of experience in the luxury interior design industry, when it comes to bespoke furnishings to perfectly complement your home, there’s no better suited brand than London’s very own HCI Interiors.

This month’s offering from HCI Interiors comes in the form of custom wallcoverings.

Break the mould by avoiding the traditional hanging of artwork or simply just ordinary wallpaper and try a luxurious look with metallic wallcoverings. HCI Interiors offer their luxury wallcoverings by the roll which is a lighter backing, and by the metre for any higher end applications with a heavier back for restaurants and boutiques etc.



. HCI Interiors - Luxury metallic wallcoverings

Offering a new ambience in interior decoration, the luxury metallic wallcoverings come in opulent shades of gold, silver, a tasteful burnt gold and amber, all of which reflect light into any room, bringing a sparkling elegance to the  home, boardroom or luxury setting in a boutique for example.

The luxury metallic wallcoverings are the perfect addition to your living room to create either a retro or contemporary look and atmosphere. Perfectly complementing any theme, a number of colours are available to effortlessly blend into existing décor; they are  guaranteed to bring the feeling of opulence and luxury to the space for years to come.

HCI Interiors

offer these stunning, eye-catching wallcoverings  in plain and hand printed aesthetics, where influence has been drawn from the oriental beauty of the Classical Asia collection.

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