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. Harum Scarum - Men's Groooming

The British barbershop has almost become a quintessentially British icon, with town centres decorated with the reds and whites of barbershop poles – did you know this was created to commemorate a time when barbers were expected to perform bloodletting and a number of other medical procedures? The red represents the blood, and the white represents the bandages. Now you do!

A brand who radiate traditional British barbershop aesthetic is Harum-Scarum. We had the pleasure of experimenting with their Shaving Gift Set (£49.95), designed for the modern gentleman to boast a range of different styles. The brand utilise their own in-house fragrance, entitled “Millions”, which is aimed at “the refined, urbane sophisticate who the world get to see”, but the reclusive side has been treated too, as the brand add “the intriguingly sensuous, private man that they don't.”

. Harum Scarum - Men's Groooming


. Harum Scarum - Men's Groooming

But how does it smell?

Honestly, I could sit here and reel off a list of exotic ingredients and artfully describe a journey from head to bottom, the kind you find decorating fragrance brand websites all over the world, but that doesn’t really tell you anything, does it? It’s all just wordplay dressed in pretence, let’s keep it simple.

Harum-Scarum’s “Millions” fragrance bears an uncanny resemblance in odour to Paco Rabanne’s “1 Million.” It’s the type of smell you could expect to smell when encountering a group of bearded, perfectly groomed hipsters, gathered around a table in the corner of your local, indulged in what they believe to be deep conversations about what Morrissey really meant by “a murderous desire for love.”

Does a moustache make a man? Harum-Scarum would certainly say so. It’s the fragrance you imagine which would start to fill the room as mustached maestro Burt Reynolds strode through the door. An elegant, manly musk. You get the picture.

. Harum Scarum - Men's Groooming

. Harum Scarum - Men's Groooming

. Harum Scarum - Men's Groooming

Let’s get down to what really matters – are women going to like it?

In a word, yes. Harum-Scarum spent months carefully putting their fragrance together, testing it on both men and women to a unanimous approval, with the fragrant odours being described as a “sophisticated, nice, classy, masculine scent.”

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Harum-Scarum Men Grooming

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